Cobalt Teal Reflections

cobalt teal blue pg50 watercolour reflections,

Here we go again… Round two. I’m reflecting on reflections! Will Cobalt Teal be the Hereo today?!  I’ve done a few paintings that are ‘not yet resolved’  and plan to use Cobalt Teal blue as my rescue remedy.

cobalt teal blue pg50 watercolour reflections,
Water’s Edge Reflections

Watercolour Cobalt Teal Blue pg50  Used in Water’s Edge Reflections


Watercolour paint Cobalt Teal Blue pg50

I’ve set aside the morning, pulling out several older art works. I will not hurry nor rush. But take my time and hope my Hero,  Cobalt Teal Blue pg50 delivers.


With my unresolved works in hand, I’m ready to give them a go and  see “what if…?”

  • I have a few phrases I’m rather fond of;  ‘not yet resolved’   is one of my favourites.  It always makes me think, there is still hope!
  • Then we have   ‘what if….?’   What a myriad of possibilities  those 2 words contain.
  • And I can’t forget ‘willy nilly’!  Always good for a chuckle. It makes me remember to be mindful of each brushstroke.


The Problem and The Solution

The original watercolour painting in its first phase, was too dull,  there was insufficient colour and tonal value contrast.


  1. I rewet the paper and dripped cobalt teal vertically down the paper, allowing it to flow down. All by itself.  There was no brush ‘helping’ it along. Just gravity.
  2. This was then completely dried.
  3. The process was repeated twice more to achieve the richness I was aiming for.
  4. Once it was finished and dry, I returned with a palette knife edged in white gouache. I laid it softly, gently… across the embankment area.  Just skimming over here, and there.
  5. Not Willy Nilly.
  6. Last, was a dry finger smudging of cobalt teal to just merely ‘hint’ at some foliage on my focal point tree.


Now, Finally… I’m done. I’m very pleased I wondered,   ‘what if… I used cobalt teal’  as my fix up colour, rather than my usual old standbys!

Cobalt Teal Blue was a fabulous save and proved itself a Hero to me for the day.





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36 thoughts on “Cobalt Teal Reflections

    1. Thank You! well, David….. after your ‘subtle’ hints of COBALT TEAL!!!! I thought I really should listen. so, I should be thanking YOU for your brilliant hints. lol I am pleased that you like this one, it would have been just a little bit sad otherwise 🙂

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  1. ….there is a great autumnal feel conveyed in this quiet and lovely piece–I agree with the others that your introduction of a pigment I’ve never myself used, brings out a tonality which would otherwise be perhaps a little too subdued. It is truly lovely, Deb.

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    1. Ongoing – oh that’s Good, Andrew! and my commentaries. hmm. never know if people get my humour or not… mostly I think not LOL – must work on my comedian skills
      right after I master SEO, keywords, Panda, alexa, likers, followers, etc. 🙂 good thing I’m young!!


    1. wow! thank you so much, that is a very lovely comment! thank you for coming by and having a browse through my website. glad that you enjoyed the painting 🙂 cheers, Debi

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