Beguiling Addiction of Cobalt Teal Blue

cobalt teal blue pg50, paints, ocean beach photo,

Ah, without a doubt, this addiction pulls at my mind daily. Always scanning the room, the beach, the environment, what people wear. All for a glance of my favored paint color, Cobalt Teal Blue pg50. As far as vices go, its one of the nicer ones to have.

beguilingcobalt teal blue pg50, beach photo,
Cobalt Teal Beach

Sharing it, makes it seem just a little bit … silly!  Yes, its Time for Silly Saturday.

I must admit that I’ve ‘shared’ my fascination with my friends and family.

Even my grandchildren have now been unduly swayed by my cobalt teal blue pg50 obsession….. As you will see in a later post.


Inviting,  Bewitching, Charming Cobalt Teal Blue

Seductive and so easy to overuse.

When I use this calming fresh color, probably the single most important thing I keep focusing on is:  Less – Is more.

To master the art of skilled accent use and to be less of a novice and heavy handed. A difficult task, when faced with this inticing color.



To Mix  or to Buy?

Cobalt Teal Blue is one of the few green/blues that I just buy premade.

It is a single pigment Pg50 – Pigment Green 50.  I could mix up something  ‘similar’ or close to color, but it wouldn’t be spot on. It would not do the job.

And the Daniel Smith range is perfect,  for me. So that’s what I use.

cobalt teal blue pg50, paints, ocean beach photo,
Cobalt Teal At The Beach

Inviting. Beguiling. I love cobalt teal’s fresh zen like quality.  The promises of relaxation, rest, calm, restoration, peace, bliss.



Gorgeous Cobalt Teal Blue snippets of artwork examples of previously seen.

Tides Cobalt Teal Blue pg50, abstract painting,
Tides in Cobalt Teal



watercolor mixing blues,
Creative Blend of Blues



cobalt teal blue pg50, reflections, landscapes, watercolor tips, beginners guide,
Reflections, detail


zen of colour: forest in cobalt teal blue pg50,
Zen of Colour: Forest


flying over naples yellow, Indigo, cobalt teal
Flying Over Naples Yellow


cool purple watercolor textures,
Cool Purple watercolor


crimson and gold acrylics,
crimson and gold

In the samples above,  I tried,  to not get overly carried away with the color.



Flying over Naples Yellow,  Crimson and gold,  Zen of colour, can be seen in previous posts;  as can Art comes in Many Forms. Which,  is what prompted my Silly Saturday Cobalt Teal topic in the first place!

Balmain, NSW, graffiti art forms, photo,
Balmain Graffiti



Student Work.

Margaret’s Teal Bows, a lovely acrylic painting done by a student in my class.  I love this painting with its Degas swift loose brushwork!

Inspired by my Cobalt Teal Blue lessons, she sketched up a marvellous impressionist painting of sandals with cobalt teal bows.

The painting suggests and infers, does not bully or coerce the viewer into submission with hard sharp, concrete rigid lines. I Love it.

cobalt teal blue slipper bows, painting,
Margaret’s Teal Bows


Cobalt Teal Blue, Grass and Leaves

My New acrylics artwork,  Grass and Leaves,  I’ve  used the gelliplate printing technique and found leaves from the garden. My own garden… not the neighbor’s!

cobalt teal blue grass and leaves, painting,
Grass and Leaves


Cobalt Teal Blue is everywhere if you look for it. The beach, graffiti, doors, curtains, leaves, shoes, shirts, mugs, dishes, calendars. I think alot of us might be,  just a little preoccupied with this beguiling color.


Enjoy the silliness that cobalt teal can provide and delight in the cool, deliciousness of colour!


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47 thoughts on “Beguiling Addiction of Cobalt Teal Blue

  1. Such beautiful and beguiling colors and compositions, Debi! You sure do have a way with cobalt teal. I think my favorite is the cool purple watercolor; love the cool blends and fresh hues and the texture too! But they’re all wonderful. The forest painting has such a cool foggy, atmospheric feel as well. Always enjoy your posts! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  2. Reflections……. yep – swooning again! I’ve run out of adjectives to try to reflect the sighs and and oooos and aaawwwhs and totally blow away admiration I feel about every single one of your pieces…. and your talent… and your passion. Just know I am swooning. 🙂

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    1. thank you Jodi, you’re such a sweetie! nearly called you Honey…. I’ve been calling everyone around here ‘honey’ lately…. taught it to my grandson, he giggled! Its not an Aussie slang. I’ll have to rein in my ‘honey’ s when term 1 starts – or I’ll be getting some looks. 🙂 I should just start up with


      1. Maureen thank you! I’m glad you’re still enjoying the color. it is good, well, Helpful!! to get feedback and comments about the post topics – I appreciate it, 🙂 cheers, Debi

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    1. Charlie, thank you very much!! Do you have favored colors? I do like that nearly all your work is on the white of the paper, which adds a lovely impact to your colors used.

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      1. Cobalt Teal is definitely my fave followed by Quin Gold. Though lately there have been a lot of brown furry things so then I always go to Burnt Sienna with Ultramarine Blue. Those were the primary colors I used in today’s cat doodlewash actually! 😊hehe

        Liked by 1 person

      2. your cat today was wonderful, you created those eyes beautifully!
        I’ve been a huge fan of the BSienna and ultra blend as well. So useful everywhere. and the greys it makes so lovely.
        I’m with you, Quin Gold is an exciting color! Bee auti Full.

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    1. wow, Graham, that is Great!! I’m excited for you and hope you love experimenting with it like I do. its only quirk is its reluctant to behave unless ‘well watered’ 🙂

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  3. Beautiful works here Debi – your texturing in watercolor is amazing. Great discussion on the use of cobalt teal blue – I love the color.

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    1. hi Mary, thank you! This is great feedback, I’m glad to hear that you like it and aren’t getting ‘tired’ of CTB!! It is a strange compulsion with cobalt teal… perhaps it is the Perth HEAT 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  4. This really is a wonderful, beautiful and vivid color that opens my heart on such a grey dark day. this color gives good mood, puts a smile on my face and gives my imagination room to think about the inviting water that looks so warm and clean. Wonderful examples with gorgeous colors, Debi, cheers Mitza

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    1. Mitza, glad that the color was a pleasing and refreshing Moment for you today!
      even though it is a ‘cool’ color, I still find it Uplifting. Thank you 🙂 cheers, Debi

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      1. that’s the only cool color that is hot for me, as it reminds me of the beautiful sea in Greece which has exactly this color. This color wakes me up, makes me happy like a drug, could drink it if possible just because it looks so refreshing, great 🙂

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      2. Don’t complain, Debi. If you would have this storm and thunderstorm we have here, you would be happy to be in Oz.


    1. thank you! glad you liked the post and the color! we are having 108 degrees so my run of cobalt teal, may go a bit longer….. 🙂 cheers, Debi


  5. It is always so great to read your posts, extremely educational and always very beautiful! I can see why this cobalt teal blue is your color it has a really very unique quality which certainly enhances and lifts any work of art if used properly. You do know how, these wonderful works you put up are examples of that very fact.

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    1. Eva, you are so generous, thank you! I know that they’re not ALL gold, but thats the way life is; and I always think…. Beginners need to know that even more advanced artists will mess up lol 🙂

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