Ah, without a doubt, this addiction pulls at my mind daily. Always scanning the room, the beach, the environment, what people wear. All for a glance of my favored paint color, Cobalt Teal Blue pg50. As far as vices go, its one of the nicer ones to have.

beguilingcobalt teal blue pg50, beach photo, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal Beach

Sharing it, makes it seem just a little bit … silly!  Yes, its Time for Silly Saturday.

I must admit that I’ve ‘shared’ my fascination with my friends and family.

Even my grandchildren have now been unduly swayed by my cobalt teal blue pg50 obsession….. As you will see in a later post.


Inviting,  Bewitching, Charming Cobalt Teal Blue

Seductive and so easy to overuse.

When I use this calming fresh color, probably the single most important thing I keep focusing on is:  Less – Is more.

To master the art of skilled accent use and to be less of a novice and heavy handed. A difficult task, when faced with this inticing color.



To Mix  or to Buy?

Cobalt Teal Blue is one of the few green/blues that I just buy premade.

It is a single pigment Pg50 – Pigment Green 50.  I could mix up something  ‘similar’ or close to color, but it wouldn’t be spot on. It would not do the job.

And the Daniel Smith range is perfect,  for me. So that’s what I use.

cobalt teal blue pg50, paints, ocean beach photo, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal At The Beach

Inviting. Beguiling. I love cobalt teal’s fresh zen like quality.  The promises of relaxation, rest, calm, restoration, peace, bliss.



Gorgeous Cobalt Teal Blue snippets of artwork examples of previously seen.

Tides Cobalt Teal Blue pg50, abstract painting, debiriley.com
Tides in Cobalt Teal



watercolor mixing blues, debiriley.com
Creative Blend of Blues



cobalt teal blue pg50, reflections, landscapes, watercolor tips, beginners guide, debiriley.com
Reflections, detail


zen of colour: forest in cobalt teal blue pg50, debiriley.com
Zen of Colour: Forest


flying over naples yellow, Indigo, cobalt teal debiriley.com
Flying Over Naples Yellow


cool purple watercolor textures, debiriley.com
Cool Purple watercolor


crimson and gold acrylics, debiriley.com
crimson and gold

In the samples above,  I tried,  to not get overly carried away with the color.



Flying over Naples Yellow,  Crimson and gold,  Zen of colour, can be seen in previous posts;  as can Art comes in Many Forms. Which,  is what prompted my Silly Saturday Cobalt Teal topic in the first place!

Balmain, NSW, graffiti art forms, photo, debiriley.com
Balmain Graffiti



Student Work.

Margaret’s Teal Bows, a lovely acrylic painting done by a student in my class.  I love this painting with its Degas swift loose brushwork!

Inspired by my Cobalt Teal Blue lessons, she sketched up a marvellous impressionist painting of sandals with cobalt teal bows.

The painting suggests and infers, does not bully or coerce the viewer into submission with hard sharp, concrete rigid lines. I Love it.

cobalt teal blue slipper bows, painting, debiriley.com
Margaret’s Teal Bows


Cobalt Teal Blue, Grass and Leaves

My New acrylics artwork,  Grass and Leaves,  I’ve  used the gelliplate printing technique and found leaves from the garden. My own garden… not the neighbor’s!

cobalt teal blue grass and leaves, painting, debiriley.com
Grass and Leaves


Cobalt Teal Blue is everywhere if you look for it. The beach, graffiti, doors, curtains, leaves, shoes, shirts, mugs, dishes, calendars. I think alot of us might be,  just a little preoccupied with this beguiling color.


Enjoy the silliness that cobalt teal can provide and delight in the cool, deliciousness of colour!