Graffiti, grillwork and linoprinting – inspired by Balmain, New South Wales, Australia. These three images are connected and are in harmony through their fascinating twists and turns.  Their Designs link them together.

art in many forms, Balmain, NSW,
Balmain Grillwork


Art Forms:  Graffiti, Grillwork, Linoprints

The first image taken was the grillwork close up.  Second was the graffiti on a building wall, which I found similiar in design to the grillwork.  Third was my linoprint in blue.

Balmain, NSW, graffiti art forms, photo,
Balmain Graffiti

While visiting in Sydney, I took a series of photographs of homes, gardens, buildings, doorways. Seeing the old heritage buildings and the ornate designs was quite fascinating from an artistic viewpoint.

Looking at the buildings and structures, I was amazed that now liked them so much. In the past, I’ve not cared much for buildings.


Linoprint in Blue,
Blue LinoPrint

But, this time, I was really seeing the abstract shapes and patterns within these buildings and fences, doorways and walls. I liked it!


Art,  comes in many forms.  Not just in the one I’ve been used to, nor the one that fits like a nice old slipper.


And Yes, graffiti.  I really enjoy graffiti.  Who knew!