Doorway Amidst Cobalt: symbolism

solid timber Doorway, Balmain NSW Australia, buildings,

In the leafy inner city suburb of Balmain, Australia the rich textures and patterns form a visual color field to rival Rothko, Turner, O’Keefe. I’m in artist’s heaven.  On a time clock, but even so,   oh my, its delightful!

solid timber Doorway, Balmain NSW Australia, buildings,
Doorway of Balmain

Doorway Amidst a Field of Cobalt in  Balmain, NSW


This door is all about Solidity.

Barred, locked, shut. A  barrier.  And gives rise to us wondering, “What lies within? What treasures are hidden  away?”

Sometimes –  the shut and locked, the closed,   can provoke more interest than what is left in plain view.

Mystery will nearly always intrigue us.  Engage us.  Draw us closer.

I think about that element when I am painting.


These solid heavy timber doors stand guard amidst a stunning Mediterranean cobalt blue; the weathered and battle scarred wood is as thought provoking as the fact the doors are locked.



This image is rife with symbolism.


Doors, open and shut;  the colors blue and golden orange;  solid heavy implacable timber; scarred and marked wood –  each has its own symbolism for us.

Mystery abounds and takes us on a magical journey.  Filled with celestial cobalt blue and its complement of sienna orange – a perfect pairing of Sky and Earth.

I think about complementary pairings when I am painting.

I think about the meanings of my objects, also when I am painting.



Doorway Location

I took the photograph in the inner city Sydney suburb of Balmain,  an area rich with old colonial era homes.

The architecture and details on some of these heritage buildings were amazing. This doorway was taken on the fly, walking to grab an early morning coffee.

Next time….. I must stay longer and really go on some proper Sydney wide photography ventures! There is so much more.





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38 thoughts on “Doorway Amidst Cobalt: symbolism

  1. That door is a statement on it’s own! Sky and Earth is perfectly put, it is a seamless pairing and probably there is good harmony behind that door!
    Wonderful image Debi and looking forward to see some more photos from your ventures!

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    1. Thank you so much Eva, wonderful feedback and definitely I appreciate it!! yes, it is a massive bold door, suited for a castle or some such one could envisage!
      Hopefully, I will not bore you all with my travel pics, that I think are all so exciting and pretty, LOL

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  2. Hi debi! Love the photo! Have you been to San Miguel de Allende mexico? An old historical colonial town famous for its doors..there is even a book written about them:)

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    1. hi Kathy, thank you very much! No, I’ve not been there. my one experience in Mexico was a bit of a trauma… young and Naive. wrong town, wrong area. Near Disaster. Didn’t have a burning desire to return to Mexico, after that.
      Will check on that book though and Google, of course! thanks for sharing that info for me to look up 🙂


  3. looks nearly like a castle door, Debi. Looks as if the owner really wants to shut out everybody because he wants to be by himself. Maybe he has treasures in his house and is afraid of burglars. But surely a statement, don’t come closer, don’t come in. Yes, doors give you a lot to think about and let your fantasy sway away (at least mine, hehe)

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    1. love your description and thoughts on this Mitza! I knew, you’d like it. I had this 1 coffee trip to get my building photos and Thought, “what would Mitza like?!!” I have a few more, I’m sure you will like 🙂 all taken on the fly, spouse in tow, tapping to go go go! LOL

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      1. I can’t do any photos (and a lot of other things) with my spouse in tow, I usually go alone, than I have more time to decide what and how I want to do things. You’re lucky…

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      2. me either! I am just toooo slow.
        but this time in sydney, it was that…. OR Nothing!!! well, I settled for less than perfect pics I am lucky some turned out 🙂

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      3. I feel for you on that one. I can’t imagine having those leg troubles, Mitza. hoping they aren’t being too pesky at the moment. Pesky, is my euphemism for another word. I’m sure you know which one, too!

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      4. There are worse illnesses, I know, but this one really is pesky. I can only guess that you meant a bleep-word? Well, I use them in 7 languages, hehe

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  4. Ahh!!..Magnificent !!..Beautiful,. The Colour Of Colbalt Blue surrounding this Wooden Door!!. .. ♥️ Love this !!

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    1. thank you Jodi! there’s hundreds more and I just wish for more time………. normally all I take is shots of landscape and beach. You probably got that figured out by now I’m a Landscape kind of person….
      but, we really didn’t go out touring about.
      spouse and I went for a morning walk to get coffee & I just Could Not resist getting some of those buildings!

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    1. hi Antonia, thank you for your lovely comment! I’m glad you enjoyed having a read and looking at the image 🙂 Cheers, Debi


  5. I’ve just come across this post … what a wonderful door and thoughts. This has really inspired me to head to my local city of Naples, where ancient doors (one an original 13th Century) retain remnants of the original leather coverings and also almost all of the doors bear the marks of contemporary graffiti. Much food for thought and artistic creativity! Thank you!

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    1. thank you Helena! you ARE, fortunate indeed to have such a treasure trove right near you. that is so wonderful – have Fun!! 🙂 If you post I’d love to see of course, cheers, Debi


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