In the leafy inner city suburb of Balmain, Australia the rich textures and patterns form a visual color field to rival Rothko, Turner, O’Keefe. I’m in artist’s heaven.  On a time clock, but even so,   oh my, its delightful!

solid timber Doorway, Balmain NSW Australia, buildings,
Doorway of Balmain

Doorway Amidst a Field of Cobalt in  Balmain, NSW


This door is all about Solidity.

Barred, locked, shut. A  barrier.  And gives rise to us wondering, “What lies within? What treasures are hidden  away?”

Sometimes –  the shut and locked, the closed,   can provoke more interest than what is left in plain view.

Mystery will nearly always intrigue us.  Engage us.  Draw us closer.

I think about that element when I am painting.


These solid heavy timber doors stand guard amidst a stunning Mediterranean cobalt blue; the weathered and battle scarred wood is as thought provoking as the fact the doors are locked.



This image is rife with symbolism.


Doors, open and shut;  the colors blue and golden orange;  solid heavy implacable timber; scarred and marked wood –  each has its own symbolism for us.

Mystery abounds and takes us on a magical journey.  Filled with celestial cobalt blue and its complement of sienna orange – a perfect pairing of Sky and Earth.

I think about complementary pairings when I am painting.

I think about the meanings of my objects, also when I am painting.



Doorway Location

I took the photograph in the inner city Sydney suburb of Balmain,  an area rich with old colonial era homes.

The architecture and details on some of these heritage buildings were amazing. This doorway was taken on the fly, walking to grab an early morning coffee.

Next time….. I must stay longer and really go on some proper Sydney wide photography ventures! There is so much more.