Still looking for stocking stuffer ideas for the artist in your family?  If you’re the artist, you know it doesn’t take a lot to make you smile when you unwrap your treasures under the tree!  Perhaps a hint or two might be in order…..

christmas gift ideas for artists,
Artists’ List Ideas


For those of you who might still be looking for a quick stocking stuffer, I thought you might enjoy this List.  The Hake brush I’ve found at one shop for $1.99  amazing.  Some of these are under $5 and most are right around at the $10 range.   A few are in the pricier range, but hey,  it never hurts to put some of those on the list.


  • Small postcard sized art journal  and/or a slightly larger size
  • Sharpies, pens, markers – white, blue, brown, black, red; Varying widths
  • Tube of genuine cobalt blue pb28,   artist quality vs student range
  • Inktense pencils or blocks
  • Hake brush
  • Large, wide,  flat brush
  • Rekab 320s #2 squirrel   watercolor brush
  • 1  Palette knife   Pk#1008
  • Gift Voucher to a local art shop
  • Gift Certificate to online art shops,  ( i.e. Cheap Joes, Jerry’s Artarama, Dick Blick..)
  • 1 sheet of Fabriano Rough, or Arches Cold Press 300gsm watercolor paper
  • Drawing papers – newsprint, cartridge, Canson, white, beige, colored,  … lots of it!
  • Fancy Drawing paper –  perhaps Stonehenge paper,  Or  Fabriano Roma handmade paper
  • Niji  Japanese plastic  waterbrush pen,  water refillable type
  • Acrylic artists would LOVE  Any  paint from Golden –  (Indanthrone Blue is so cool)
  • Acrylic artists might like 1 good sized,  wrap around style canvas, with wide sides
  • Gloss, Satin acrylic mediums are extremely versatile for many media projects
  • Oil painters might … like  1 tube of Langridge oils or Vasari .. as a treat
  • Great “basic” colors: Winsor Lemon or Hansa Yellow Light;  Quinacridone Rose;  French Ultramarine;  Prussian Blue;  Cobalt BLUE -not HUE;    can’t go wrong with these!
  • Sensational, melting buttery,  oil pastels – Sennelier brand is lovely and soft and glides/blends easily –  They are Great!  can be used Over wc, oils, acrylics.



Happy shopping, painting and hinting!