Monday’s Crimson and Gold

Layers and layers of lush crimson, cobalt teal and cerulean decked out with a festive dusting of gold powder pigment. This is a detail, a snippet from one of my large  acrylic test strips and samplers. I really love these colors  as they unite, mingle together.

crimson and gold acrylics,
crimson and gold


The Permanent alizarin crimson, which I’ve applied underneath,  lays the foundation for a lovely purple to emerge once I applied the cerulean blue on top.


The crimson also creates more emphasis for the gold dust and as well as the dry dragged brush effects that I have used in the upper right section.

Applying the gold dust was a bit random.  Just a thin sliver on the palette knife’s edge hovering over the area and tapping delicately. Sensitivity was required.

Interesting mix of colors, but they merged well and created a lovely harmony in this section.


Crimson and Gold:   fun,  festive colors for Monday!







  1. I needed these colours: What a delightful sight for heart and eyes to ponder upon!!..i just wanted to let you know how delightful this greeting is to me. I love these ” roYal colours Debi .. Crimson – purple and of course Gold!!… Dare I mention also- they are ” ancient colours” … As mentioned through out history? Well, tired and all , that is where my heart is tonight and now I can add colour to my resting time!!..Tomorrow I will be out at the ” art store” – to pick up some last minute Stocking stuffer for my grand children ! Lol. Loved your list!…. As always – more Seasons ‘ s greetings- joanne

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    • thank you for your lovely comment! I thought your website was great 🙂 and realise the more I learn, the more I realise I Have To Learn! there is always a lot more…. keeps me on my toes LOL


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