My favorite time of the day out on the water and one of my most cherished memories.   Summer in the Puget Sound, overlooking the Olympic Mountains with a warm wind on my face and a cheerful captain navigating!

Dusk, Puget Sound Waters
Dusk on the Water


A delicious catch of day included fresh dungeness crab and gorgeous king salmon in the boat’s cooler, waiting for dinner.

Teetering only a little,  I was leaning far out over the side of the boat  determined to capture the stunning serenity of the glass like quality of water at dusk.

Morning on the water is very different, the wind blows and bashes. The boat jumps up and down like a bucking bronco….so I tell the dear captain.  But, as late afternoon arrives on a quiet day, sunny day in the Pacific Northwest – lo and behold – the magic happens.

The Zen of Dusk.  Perfection.  I want to bottle that feeling, and be able to release it and embrace at will.  Alas!  I must resort to photos.    Lucky me that I have them.

dusk, the Olympic mountains, photo
Dusk On the Water, The Olympic Mountains,


Sundown, Puget Sound
Sundown from the boat

There is nothing quite like this:  the smooth glass calm of the bay at dusk!

Puget Sound, dusk
Water Like Glass at Dusk, Puget Sound,


Finally, with the soft warm breeze that flickers and then nudges,

a bittersweet sadness fills me  –  its time to go home.

night falls