The Pinnacles limestone formations are most often viewed under a belting bright cobalt sky! So it was on our trip up north to Nambung National Park, 200 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia.

figures,  The Pinnacles WA
Figures in Stone Pinnacles WA,

Haunting and almost biblical in its story telling, this arrangement is completely nature made.


Every visitor to the park will see something different and unique, even though the formations are of course the same.  My family’s photos all were radically different, with each of us being drawn to a specific light or angle the others weren’t.

Just based on that, I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to take artists and photographers just to explore and develop their creative and imaginative sides.


These formations were created by limestone that came from ancient seashells 25-30,000 years ago.

 pinnacles, Wa,
Limestone Elephant, Pinnacles,

Many weird and slightly off putting forms emerge from the land, some like ghost spectres haunting the desert sands. Other shapes less haunting also appear, with lions and elephants and such,  populating the park.

Rising Stones, Pinnacles,
Rising Stones, Pinnacles


Tombstones, pointing fingers and hands seem to rise from the ground, with a creepy macabre ‘art installation’ kind of vibe.

Finger in Stone, Pinnacles WA,
Giant’s Finger in Stone, Pinnacles,
Totems, the Pinnacles,

The ‘gallery’ is set under the most brilliant of cobalt skies, a perfect place for a wild untamed exhibition of nature’s own stone creations.

By the way,  its a ‘drive through.’   There are areas to pull over and photograph, the road is sand and does a nice short loop about 15 minutes or so.

It only took us longer (much much longer) due to happy snapper here.