Delighted and Inspired by Other’s Art Successes

By Joyce - watercolour floral, palette knife

I was enchanted with the watercolour and acrylic paintings the class finished with! To go from the traditional do it like the photograph exactness to … a “la di da”     free, loose and  “just feel it”  approach is very difficult.   But they did it, with a lovely joyful abandon!

By Joyce - watercolour floral, palette knife
By Joyce

I think they even amazed themselves, and were quite delighted with their own creations as well. Halfway up the hill already!

You have probably noted, these are class photos. Taken in the midst of teaching, juggling paint brushes, paints, notes, and my camera  – these photos have ‘issues.’  But,  bad light and all, we will overlook the technical flaws and feel the joy of the moment.   Sound good to you?

By Terese watercolour floral, palette knife
By Terese

Its a very inspiring feeling I get, when I see how much an artist has progressed and how much more at ease they have become with watercolour medium and acrylics. Easy Beginners Watercolour Techniques would be an excellent read for new artists starting out.

By Vicky
By Vicky

The exercise I set up for the class was a real  Challenge.

I placed the loose flowers, scattered and strewn flat upon a large pastel blue-green paper on the table.  No vase.

Flowers were randomly tossed down onto the paper, as if floating upon the water surface, perhaps.

The class was given the directions to use a 1/3 sheet of paper lengthwise.  To use a palette knife – On Damp Paper, to ensure nice gentle soft edges.

The colour selection was their choice, though perhaps they may have been influenced by my previous paintings of florals.    Nature music played softly, sounds of birds and tinkling of a small creek to set the stage and the mood.

I set this particular challenge up in order to Expand their Artistic Vision, to give them the opportunity to try new approaches!

By Eleanor
By Eleanor

When we have been trained for so long to be exact, its hard to finally let go. First attempts may be a bit stiff, the second & third are better, and as you persist and do more – the freedom becomes Part of You.   To be otherwise then feels stiff and unnatural.

Definitely am sold on the palette knife!  What a magical tool that helps us unlock our creativity and gain art successes. Have a look at my post The Delightful Palette Knife for more information and examples.

I’m hoping some of you may be inspired to venture into having a go with the palette knife for a bit of imaginative and creative fun painting with the summer breeze blowing in your hair!

Be joyful, be free, be loose, be expressive, be imaginative,   Be You.

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  1. Wonderful, Debi! Everyone can say Amen to this one! And wow, you are some teacher; these are beautiful paintings! My favorite is Terese’s (forgive me if I’ve spelled it wrong, as my memory really is that bad, and I’m on my tablet). Wow! And as always, I learn something from everything you say. Thanks once again, Debi. 💜

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    1. thank you Jodi, for having a look and your very kind compliments for their work!! these ladies worked hard to overcome the hurdle of replication, and to just ‘feel it’ 🙂

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    1. Good morning Mary, thanks so much for your comment on this post 🙂 It is, obviously, dear to my heart! I’m going to make sure the ladies hear (or see) all the beautiful comments you and others have made. Much Appreciation!!! Debi

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      1. Totally creative way to get past the fear of painting flowers – gives way to loose and free expression as shown in their beautiful works.

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    1. Mitza, I appreciate that! thank you for making the time to post the very wonderful comment and … like I mentioned – I’m making sure the ladies know, that others see the value and beauty in their work too! Thanks, Debi

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