Indigo, Cobalt Teal, Yellow Green Vase

indigo, cerulean, cobalt vase abstract

One of my favourite vases caught my eye today. Its deep indigo, ultramarine, cobalt teal, yellow green seemed to call out to me to look, to pay attention. The vase had been tucked away behind many of my art supplies for a number of months, but today I saw it with new eyes.

indigo, cerulean, cobalt teal,  vase abstract
Indigo, Cobalt Teal, Cerulean Vase abstract

As I was cleaning it off and admiring it once again,  the similarity suddenly struck me between the colours of the vase and the colours I’d just been using in the previous post!  (Banish Boring Brushstrokes.)

You can see the deep indigo, cobalt teal, yellow greens in Excitement in Brushstroke Acrylics.    I found this discovery quite interesting, thinking of possibilities for a related theme in a new art series based primarily on this palette.

I can sink into the depth of the indigo, its velvety quality hints of what lies beneath.  The gorgeous diagonal upswinging slashes of cobalt teal and ultramarine add mood and temperature. Whereas the white and the droplets of yellow green create a buoyancy and  lift that prevents the piece from being too dark.

The Indigo  Vase Abstract is a actually a photographic image,  I have not used oils or acrylics to create it. I did alter the tones and  contrast just  enough to allow for a bold and clear,  tonal value range of light, mid and dark tones.

The abstract pattern of this vase resonates within me.   I enjoy the simplicity and serenity  I find within the image.

As in  Wabi Sabi,  something old and perhaps ordinary can be revisited, seen with new eyes and a thing of beauty emerges.

Excitement in brushstroke
Excitement in Brushstroke Acrylics

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8 thoughts on “Indigo, Cobalt Teal, Yellow Green Vase

  1. Deep indigo seems to be a very powerful color… Carrying the blue symbolism associated with the darker shades of blue, indigo conveys trust, truthfulness, and stability. It also may have some of the authority and royalty of purple as indigo was considered a royal blue.
    I love the colors you shared with us… All unique in their own way!.
    Best wishes. Aquileana ⭐

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I’m really liking the indigo, indanthrone blue mixes lately. Thank you for stopping in, liking, and following! I appreciate it, and your time 🙂


    1. Thank you!! I’m glad that you can ‘feel’ them too 🙂 I often do get odd looks when I start describing things in colour, but that is how I see things. Making it harder to get my Tones ‘right’ tho. thank you for stopping and chatting ! cheers, Debi

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    1. Especially if its made with Indanthrone which gives it such a vibrant blue radiance! Thank you for stopping in and having a look around, and your feedback as well!


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