Snail Nestled In Fallen Leaves

curving brown leaf

I love leaves. All sorts of leaves –  scarlet, yellow spring green, fallen leaves, skeleton leaves.  I do not like snails! Yet here I am featuring a snail in my art post. How did this happen?

curving brown leaf
Curving Brown Leaf

I was in my garden having a quiet morning amble,  a little zen,  yoga, relaxation, enjoying  the refreshing cool change of weather.   But, then  I  accidentally let my mind slip  to next week’s class topic of Brown.

After that, all I could see everywhere, were lots of lovely objects in a plethora of browns.  Chocolate, honey, caramel, chestnut, bay, cream, mushroom, there were some of those too.    Curving Brown Leaf  – above –  captured my eye, so I thought its time to take some photos.

I found the blue green teal distant background paired fantastically well with the brown-orange of the leaf, and the sculptural quality of the leaf with its curves and curls was quite interesting.   The sandy neutral gray foreground  sets off the warmth of the leaf even further.    So I was telling myself as I was busy taking the shots.

So much for “zen” time.

Snail amongst fallen leaves
Snail Amongst Fallen Leaves garden photo

Nestled  amongst the little bed of leaves was an empty snail shell that looked quite intriguing with its bands and patterns of honey, chestnut, cream and yummy caramel.   One would think I must be hungry, with all these food descriptions!

Its an odd theme for me, a snail… they’re  not my top pick of subjects at all.   They have a decidedly ‘icky’ factor to them for me.   The combination of the snail nestled in amongst the fallen leaves didn’t seem too disturbing to me though.  My dear ones might even venture to say something about being a ‘princess’  perhaps….I won’t inquire.

I told myself this was really about Wabi Sabi,  trying to see beauty in a common ordinary thing.   I think it worked!

Anyway,  my mind was still working on the Brown topic. Thinking about coming up with several Colour Mixing Recipes for all these brown colours I was seeing.

I’ve listed a few for you to experiment with if you’d like to give it go.

  • quinacridone sienna + winsor lemon
  • burnt sienna +  permanent rose
  • burnt umber + french ultramarine blue
  • cerulean blue + burnt umber
  • winsor lemon/permanent rose mix  + cobalt
  • indigo + burnt umber
  • lunar earth + burnt umber
  • lunar earth + azo yellow
  • permanent alizarin crimson + ultramarine + burnt sienna
  • indigo + permanent alizarin crimson + azo yellow
  • cerulean + light red + burnt umber

I will  “zen”  tomorrow.


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4 thoughts on “Snail Nestled In Fallen Leaves

  1. I like snails – their Fibonacci spiral and surprising homing capacity (considering the nervous systems they have instead of a higher brain). It is good to see there is beauty to be found everywhere, even in a gastropod! (Now that sounds icky to me). 🙂

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  2. Its good Somebody likes them 🙂 They really do have lovely shells and spirals. The patterns are intricate and beautiful. I think its more that I don’t want to …touch them anymore. lol. Thanks for stopping in, and ….sharing that bit of snail info as well!


  3. I love the snails’ shape, so inspiring. So taken with your list of browns, thank you. I love a Prussian blue and Vandyke brown combination for a really deep brown, and your indigo and burnt umber is one I find so useful. Am keen to try your others burnt sienna and permanent rose sounds like a combination I need!

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    1. You’re welcome! I’m a big fan of Prussian blue too 🙂 the quinacridone sienna is a delicious orange sienna, well worth getting! Thank you for stopping in & your comments, much appreciated. cheers, Debi


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