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The Arts in Perth: nurturing the self to foster creative identity and confidence.

What do I do? I teach art? perhaps. But at the core, the reality is I am sharing something far more important. I’m more of an encouraging ‘creativity mentor.’ A coach. I love to share artistic pathways that help the individual reclaim their innate identity, power and confidence. Balance through the arts.

Once in a while, I come across a client who has an ease within themselves straight off the bat.

This is not the typical beginner response. But their comfort at communicating, at expressing in paint playfully, in pure joyful Freedom – is Different.

It sets them apart.

They already are absorbed in the process. Totally engaged with the physicality of the action. In the act of painting all on its own, with no thought of reward or product or result.

That in all my experience is so, unique.

It is, in my opinion the highest benchmark of An Artist.

Today, for my first true, post back… I’ve featured Paola (a client) and each of the art works seen belong to her.

Paola hasn’t been with me for long period of time, a couple of terms is all. She first came to my course “Draw, Print, Paint.”

This was an intermediate to advanced level course. Not specifically designed for a brand new Beginner!

We drew… a loose, bold, super fast and free approach.

Extremely Non traditional.

No – straight lines! No – rigidity.

No – erasers. Are, your eyes open yet?!

No – concern over flaws, imperfections, wrong angles, etc.

Simply, drawing big and bold with a fat black Sharpie marker! The concept was to have Fun and to play.

On cheap papers. This diminishes fears “of wasting money.”

Loose, and easy…. watercolor painting

Paola next booked into Watercolors: Loose and Easy.

abstract expressionist watercolor l Paola

Once again, the course was not specifically designed for complete beginners.

But once again what Paola envisioned and created, was captivating. Her extraordinary absorption in the process is fascinating to see.

Each brush stroke, deliberate and meaningful.

The color was stroked upon the paper, and left. Alone.

Where it melted and merged and vibrated with its fellow notes.

There was no fiddling. No over working. No excess concern over flaws and imperfections in paper, paint, or marks made.

They were made, and then… let go.

She has a wonderful ability to find her own place of safety and security within herself enabling her to simply respond in creative liberation. Without a lot of coaching, coaxing, guidance from myself.

I’d like us all, to be able to feel that free to express our own voice, in our own words, without fear of reprisals. Of being called out for some perceived small imperfection or ‘mistake.’


Well….. we are, Human!

Wabi Sabi

One of my personal, favourite words and philosophies over the past couple years has been, and is – Wabi Sabi.

If, you look it up you’ll discover lovely beautiful things about it.

The concept is that there is beauty to be seen and found, in the Imperfect. In the unfinished. And in the Impermanent.

It can be a game changing discovery for some of us, former “perfectionists.”

I’ve done several series and posts on The 7 Days of Zen, and wabi sabi elements you might have a read on if you’d like.

Creative Freedom, abstract expressionism – Paola


Creativity requires a sense of ‘safety.’ Our creative imagination will refuse to come out to play, until it feels secure. Safe. When it knows it has the utter freedom to be authentic, its own self, imperfect and flawed as it is!

We will not, see fresh new inventions, new medical, tech, science breakthroughs – in environments of stress, fear, negativity. The fear of being vulnerable to attack, causes the creative side, our clever side to stay hidden. Buried.

Trying to excavate the hidden creative buried far beneath the layers, deep in the crevices, that almost nothing can pry out – can be exhausting work. It takes immense patience. Time.

And sometimes, someone else’s eyes to see that gem and make mention of it, softly and kindly. Repeatedly.


At work, what I really do, is: I campaign against fear.

It is Fear, that so often leads many to replicate someone else’s words. Or their looks. Or opinion. Or someone else’s painting. There is No need!

abstract still life indigo and orange Paola

My philosophy is:

“YOU, Are absolutely every bit – just as interesting, good, valuable and faceted – as Monet/Madonna/Oprah or whoever it is that is being copied.”

Probably more so. Please let us in, tell us your story.

Thank you Paola,, for so kindly and with courage, allowing me to feature your work on my first post back. I am grateful. Debi


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12 thoughts on “Expressionist Creative Perth Artist

  1. This was a great narration of your class with Paola. It seemed like Paola painted freely, and made the different shades go well with each other. Sounded like an amazing time together with her. I have seen the term wabi sabi floating around. It’s a great concept, encouraging us to embrace imperfections as normal part of our lives. So agree each of us is interesting and valuable in every way.


    1. thank you Mabel! yes, Paola was able to grasp and do, what the course subject asked of the participants. Expressing oneself, in any form can be a frightening concept. Its wonderful to ‘see’ ok, read your fabulous comments again. Cheers, Debi 🙂

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  2. I love Paola’s free, expressive art – it’s beautiful! Everything you’ve said in your post is so right. We can feel under pressure to “conform” to tradition, obey “the rules” but in reality these things really don’t matter at all and FEAR is probably one of the biggest killers of creativity… My current creative motto is “imperfection is perfection…”


  3. I am always interested in watercolor but haven’t been able to do it without letting it go of whatever comes, always overwork and ended up with mud :(, Paola inspired me to let go and patient in doing my next watercolor adventure. Thanks Paola and thanks Debbie for posting Paola’s work and explained about the character of the medium, as well as in organizing the mind and letting it go if it is not coming through as planned. Inspired


    1. thank you, for your warm response! I’ll be sure to share this with Paola, she will be shy – but pleased that her artistic creativity is seen as being so beautifully, free. I’m very delighted that you were Inspired. Its why, I write/post. cheers, Debi 🙂


  4. Thank you for your post. This resonates so much with me. I’m 71 yrs. and have dabbled in arts thru the years. Basic art in college. Calligraphy in my thirties. Quilting and quilt art in my 40s, 50s and 60s, slowly getting to a place of more creative art quilts. Shut down for a decade and understand the place of fear and still facing that. Now just exploring watercolor and although I think there’s some value in learning “basics” I feel myself being strongly pulled to allowing my own self expression. Love Paolo’s Work. Also I’ve recently encountered the Wabi Sabi theme, thanks to pinterest🙃


    1. HI Eileen, Its a pleasure to know that you enjoyed this. I will be sure to tell Paola…she will be so delighted. smiling…. have a lovely weekend, cheers, debi


  5. I needed this article, I have been in a funk lately, this helped me to relax and let it flow. Thanks


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