Peaceful Paradise …. in cobalt teal blue

abstract ocean waters, cobalt teal blue pg50, painting peacefulness,

Peaceful.  Another day in Paradise?

Well….. lets go with,  “almost.”

Cobalt Teal Blue isn’t a real magic wand!

But, it does wonders for a moment’s respite.  And that works, doesn’t it?


abstract ocean waters, cobalt teal blue pg50, painting peacefulness,
Peaceful Paradise, cobalt teal blue


Teal Blue Paradise

I can easily imagine, for a brief moment, a calm Lagoon Paradise.

Join me…..


See-through waters are lapping white sand shores,

pulling me in.


Immersed in the tropical warmth of the lagoon waters,






See how easy that was?  How Fun, how Relaxing?!




Compare these 2 images.  Both in blue greens, but 2 differing ‘moods.’

cobalt teal blue, ocean waters photo,
Aqua Turquoise, Cobalt Teal waters   – CALM –



sea waves green, glass bottle green sea, colors of the sea, photograph of waves,
Sea wave  – Very Busy Vigorous Action Restless




Design and Intent

Purposefully, with intent my Featured painting was created for maximum impact of rest and peace. 


There were 4 things I focused on to achieve that goal:






The painting, might just border on the too boring side, I imagine, for some.

Even myself……on another day, or  another week.


Its not a great work of art. Its far too simple.

Far too basic, I think.



I’ve  chosen to emphasize   “mood, emotion and atmosphere.”    (Feelings) 

Instead of multitudes of elements   “boats, sky, clouds, birds, waves, buoys, whales”  (Things)

  For me, especially in this painting – Feelings were more important than things.




I think  perhaps,  this painting might only  work well in  specific times.

On certain days and at specific moments.

When we all are in need of  some quiet time away from the endless stream of news.

That’s my guess.




Mission Accomplished

The painting,  accomplishes the mission it was asked to do.

Provides a sense of restfulness and peace.

That is a positive outcome.



Notes about Cobalt Teal Blue pg50

  • Its an Opaque; semi transparent when well diluted
  • Has a tendency towards granulating, if diluted
  • Doesn’t mix as well as Phalo or Prussian,  to create other color mixes
  • Creates almost instantaneously, ‘a mood, a feeling, an atmosphere’
  • Calm, relaxed, Peaceful, refreshed, inviting, playful


sea forms, cobalt teal blue,
Under the Sea Forms in Cobalt Teal and mixes


Under the Sea forms in CTB,  while still cool and refreshing is a Livelier piece.

The design here is more energetic, with the forms twirling and gliding through the waters, in an almost playful manner.

The warm Indian Yellow has intensified the sense of fun, and play the image has.


The CTB  acts to Unify the whole, there is now Unity.

It acts to cool and relax the viewer, giving rest… in a pool of moving sea forms.






I’d mentioned there were several new cobalt teal blue images prepared, and more will be revealed in the next few days.

After that,  my daughter and I have a little adventure planned to visit the Spring Tulip gardens. So. You know, what you will be seeing afterwards!




Yesterday’s post  Peaceful Places……

featured CTB with the orange terracotta.

Its livelier and more energetic than today’s featured painting, but still, with a calm relaxed vibe to it.


cobalt teal blue pg50, painting the colors of the ocean, acrylic beach painting abstract,
Beach and Teal









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    1. hallelujah for that! I like being wrong about that 🙂
      From what I’ve researched and observed over the years, CTB is second, right behind Red, in causing an immediate emotional impact in viewers.

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    1. ahhh! that is what delights me Evelyn! you know, I sure wish we lived closer – it would be a blast to have painting days with you! cheers, heading to your ‘place’ now


    1. thank you, that is great you enjoyed it. I just had a quick trip over to your site, to see “Bora Bora” – wow!! well worth it, so gorgeous!! cheers, Debi

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      1. thank you, you are very kind! I found learning how to blog, computers, the whole thing…. way harder than painting ever seemed! wanted to quit 100 times… LOL


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