Peaceful Places …cobalt teal blue

cobalt teal blue pg50, painting the colors of the ocean, acrylic beach painting abstract,

Sometimes, the peaceful places may only be found where we ourselves deliberately, create it.

I’ve turned the news, off.  I’ve turned “realism” off.

For a moment.

And reached for my Cobalt Teal Blue.


cobalt teal blue pg50, painting the colors of the ocean, acrylic beach painting abstract,
Beachside with cobalt teal pg50



Relax With Cobalt Teal Blue pg50

Let color, Let Cobalt Teal Blue soothe and rest your mind….. for A Moment.    


I don’t want realism.

I don’t want that Tightness.

I don’t want Anything that makes me think I’m not getting it


‘just right’  or

‘just like The Photo.’


I want to relax in Peace with cobalt teal blue.


Give me a moment, will you?

The news, the realism, its all going to be waiting regardless.





Soft Edges

The painting is full of soft gentle edges.  

Probably about 90%  of this image is soft and blurred edges.


That is the key.

Those soft and gently blurred edges.

They are Restful.


They Give Peace. 




Broken Edges

A few rough and broken edges.

Perhaps, 2%  I’d  guess.

Broken edges aren’t really soft blurry edges, yet they do provide some ‘definition.’  Its not as clear, as defined of course as the super sharp edges and so the broken edges serve as that ‘in between’ edge.  A transitional edge.  Very useful to know and to use.




Sharp Edges

The image has barely any hard, sharp shards of pointy edges to poke me with.

The hard edges that do exist, serve a function.

To bring the viewer in, to that focal area.


Those hard edges take up maybe 1% of the image.

Enough.  But not too much.

Additionally,  you might note… that the hard edges are set and used amongst   curved lines and forms.

Not stiff tight angles and rigid straight lines.

(Those, lead many beginners –  to be even more rigid and tight, and less relaxed.)




Color and Edges

So it was primarily with color and edges I was able to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Simplicity of design, helped as well.





I’ve created several more acrylic abstracts with  cobalt teal blue pg50 that I’ll post later in the week.

A week of cool and inviting, relaxing and peacefulness in cobalt teal blue will be lovely.






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12 thoughts on “Peaceful Places …cobalt teal blue

  1. I’m sorry, Debi. Here I go again, burning to tell you what I see in your painting when all you want is to forget about the real world for a bit. That black “thing” is either a very accusing finger, or it’s an oil slick on the beach. Either way, it makes the picture interesting when I have to ponder what it could be.

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      1. LOL! You gave yourself the finger! But doesn’t it look accusing? And that little blurb that’s trying to make itself invisible…. What is that? Maybe the back end of a little bird as it dives for cover? 😉


    1. thanks Evelyn, yes even a Minute would work in a pinch somedays. I bet you do what I do too, paint in your mind, when you can not get the paints out in that moment. It almost… is as good as the real thing. Our brains, think so! LOL

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      1. I do paint in my mind when I can’t get the paints out… I look at the sky when I get up in the morning and think what colours would I use to paint that…. !!

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