Dancing in the Water Fountain

conveying moods and feeling, expressing in art photography, debiriley.com

Exuberance, bursting with life and excitement!

How many of us secretly wish, to do something a little bit daring, something …. just for Fun?!


conveying moods and feeling, expressing in art photography, debiriley.com
E x u b e r a n c e


Dancing…with life

Doing something new, fun, silly, something daring.

Something we haven’t done before.

I don’t mean way out or extreme…. We don’t have to go to  Monte Carlo casino, or Rodeo Drive. Sky dive or climb Mt. Everest for this. Many times, it is right in our own overlooked backyards. Somewhere.




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A Mother’s Day Zen Stroll

With a lovely warmth to the afternoon sun, Mother’s Day stroll was perfect with my daughter.

We discovered an amazing new park, a Different one.  Less than a kilometer away. It was a micro Outback…. right in suburbia.

The 2 grandchildren scootering along advising me on all sorts of informational Nature Facts and life Habits of the local wildlife.

Delightful.  And getting warmer.

I really did feel that it was time to roll up the jeans and take a quick dash and splash.


water fountain photography, canon 600d, debiriley.com
Feels Like Dancing


Doing something really …. Different.  How does that make us feel?

  • Slightly nervous
  • Invigorated
  • En Livened
  • Filled up with Joyfulness
  • Full of Bounce and boldness



water fountain photography, water droplets photo, debiriley.com
Joy fully




Things like this, shake us up.

Break us out of our old patterns.

Driving a different route to work, trying new cuisines, new clothing styles.


Giving the salon stylist…. absolute Free Rein.  




water droplets photography, debiriley.com
Bursting Out



Risk Taking and Art

These all may be on the daring side for some, and maybe a bit scary.

But they all build,  create a new pattern within.

Creates strength. Resilience.  Joyfulness. Bounce.


And Builds the confidence to take more calculated risks that lead to greater successes.



For artists, this is a very good thing.

As an artist I need to be willing, to take a risk.  On that new color,  that very wet, wet in wet technique.

On having an image not be as successful as I would like.


I need to be willing to accept …..that sense of being slightly out of control.




park water fountain, canon 600d, debiriley.com
Fountain in the Park


I took a risk.

A chance with my camera and the controls.

I changed the settings from my Normal ISO for sunny days.  My normal, comfy zone fstop.

I had no idea if it would be another set of  “learning experiences”  or if I might smile on review.

But, regardless. It certainly wasn’t going to do me any harm by trying something outside my zone.



This was the park water fountain.   Rather humdrum design and a boring pattern for a photograph.

Its a pattern.

The regular, typical, standard way of doing things.    The ‘autopilot approach.



you can see, that it is nowhere near as interesting, as Vibrant as the other photographs.



I’d much prefer to be Dancing in the water fountain!





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