Pinks and Greens, in the Forest

Another zen stroll. Not so leisurely as most of my strolls but still enjoyable. This time,  there was a deadline.  I was On the clock. In the forest.       Begin With A Plan   I went with one purpose in mind. However, the weather and wind refused to cooperate. I tried to getContinue reading “Pinks and Greens, in the Forest”

On The Waters….

Colors shining. In violet, indigo and pink and gleaming ultramarine. They dance, these colors. Softly. Upon the waters.     From The Pond be still and just BE…. just breathe until you hear the colors sing and come to life     sit by the pond’s edge and wait….   and wait, until at last,Continue reading “On The Waters….”

In Golden Ambers and Topaz

Such brilliant colors, my words will certainly fail to do justice. The yellow gold raining down as I looked into the branches – captured me. And it was so easy to become lost within the cascade of golden ambers, citrine and topaz.     Finding Gold   The man watched. Surreptitiously. I stood beneath hisContinue reading “In Golden Ambers and Topaz”

Its Not Too Quiet Here

A zen kind of day. Contentedness…. in the calm.         There is a lovely balance found here;  out in this soft delicacy and peacefulness. Its not too quiet, no. I don’t think so. Not at all.       I Steal Time. I sneak away. To find hidden places within this city’sContinue reading “Its Not Too Quiet Here”

Dancing in the Water Fountain

Exuberance, bursting with life and excitement! How many of us secretly wish, to do something a little bit daring, something …. just for Fun?!     Dancing…with life Doing something new, fun, silly, something daring. Something we haven’t done before. I don’t mean way out or extreme…. We don’t have to go to  Monte CarloContinue reading “Dancing in the Water Fountain”

Child’s Play

Child’s play. Wouldn’t we All,  like a small slice of that? The times on the swings at the local park in summer. Waiting for mom to call you for dinner. Enjoying those last moments of pure freedom of child’s play. Not realising, the reality of those words.     Child’s Play BW Moods Child’s PlayContinue reading “Child’s Play”

You Pretty Thing, You!

Pretty things, these pea blossoms. They weren’t mine. Once again, I’ve taken the shots from my neighbor’s garden while on a zen stroll.       Pretty Does the Garden Grow Its fabulous to go round the neighborhood and see what pretty things grow.   I meet some really lovely people. As I ….edge closerContinue reading “You Pretty Thing, You!”