Blue Skies and Sea: in acrylics

acrylic impressionist seascape painting, palette knife art,

Time was a definite factor in this Impressionist Seascape in Acrylics.

Yesterday’s post, Sea Sensations inspired me and I really couldn’t forego art altogether. I decided regardless of time issues,  I would paint Something!

I didn’t get my oils out,  nor that massive roll of  lovely linen canvas.

However, I did take a quick 10 minutes to paint up a storm. So to speak.

acrylic impressionist seascape painting, palette knife art,
Blue Skies and Sea


The Painting

We don’t always have 2 hours or half the day to play around with our paints. Don’t let that. Stop us!


I’ve learned to take the minutes….. and make each of them count.


Disregard all thoughts of the final outcome.  What I produce,  is in fact, immaterial.

To Paint  – is the relevant thing.

So I did.




Acrylic paints:  lots of white,  ultramarine blue, cerulean, a tiny dash of naples yellow.


The canvas was a medium small one I’d already textured with a lot of gesso.   It had had an old painting on it, that I’d covered up.

That’s a great thing with acrylics on sturdy canvas. The previous “oops” is a bonus texture for the upcoming next painting. That, is just so handy!


The size is  5×7″   which makes it very easy to do in 10 minutes.

Thats what I needed.

Easy…… And Quick.


I used a combination of palette knife, brush and my fingers (to smooth areas out.)



References and ‘Helpers’

Before I started, I had a quick look at my Molding Paste sample here.

It gave me hints and suggestions of  color and tone that I might use in my painting.


I wasn’t going to look at any of my sea photos at all, just rely on my ‘sea shore memories’  to provide me with what I needed.

Obviously, my final image looks nothing like the molding paste sample, but I was influenced by its textural, sculptural qualities.

cobalt teal blue pg50, textural effects and techniques, cobalt teal painting,
Molding Paste textural effects,



The Blue Wild Sky

The wildness of the sky brings the emphasis towards it and away from the sea.

I didn’t intentionally do this.  Thats  simply the direction the painting wanted to go in.

I allowed it to do so.



I was on the clock.

No time to fight, argue, or stress with it!  I went with the flow to get her done.




Final Thoughts

It may not be the most sensational piece I’ve done in my life; its an alright image.



I like to remind myself of something.


As creative Artists we don’t paint  to create Masterpieces.

We paint to express…

To communicate.  To let go.



In that, I am content.

That, is  my ‘happiness.’






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34 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Sea: in acrylics

    1. are you SURE you don’t paint, or sculpt, or … you sure have the inventive, creative, imagination of An Artist. the artist’s soul.
      and Thank YOU, Anneli. have a lovely weekend !!

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      1. Before I started writing novels, I had more time dabbling with paints. I loved art at school and I’ve painted some amateur things since then, but I don’t have time for formal lessons and I can see the benefit of them. For now, I’m enjoying your artwork. I’d love to get back into it, but there’s never enough time. (That sounds pretty feeble, doesn’t it?)

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  1. Fingers, yes! Always use some fingers. I love your message! And your painting, no matter how long or little it took to paint. You put a lot of passion into whatever you do.

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    1. thank you very much Cynthia… yes fingers. its so funny, I Finally… after 2 years, have gotten 1 lady to use her hands with the paints! I feel like we have won a big award. But, wow. it does transmit Passion, into the work!!
      thanks again, you are very kind 🙂

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    1. thank you Miss M 🙂 and the process, product thing… is something I always have to Remind myself of. thats just the way we all have been brought up, conditioned. (going after the carrot. what ever the ‘carrot’ might be!) wishing you a sensational weekend and hope you get Spoiled! YRF 🙂

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  2. For me, your painting breaths a freshness to the scene – it transports me right to the beach. I love this painting Debi, it’s expressive with the textures and bold thick painting strokes. Once again your posts are not hitting my Reader, I’ve un-followed and re-followed – hoping to see you regularly in my Reader now. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. ah ha! you have just explained why I see people refollow me lately!! its had me puzzled. LOL WP must be silly. hmm. and thank you for a wonderful comment, I do … the ‘transporting’ 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  3. Everyone I have shown the art work in this email have really liked this piece of art work.

    We are currently on our way to see Mike and Sherri at there new place near Onalaska they almost have it ready to move in – we ran into Cindy last night at the Lucky Eagle Casino she looked and sounded pretty good especially after I gave her some money to play with as she only had $10 – I won around $300 so gave it to Cindy – As usual Tom won around $700 – Patty and Linda donated to the Casino although Tom reimbursed Patty’s for her $200 in losses.

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    1. thank you Leanne, they are so much fun. and I always like let people touch the paintings. I think its a great way to connect them to the work. cheers, Debi


    1. thanks! what a lovely comment! it was fun to do… just playing with the paints and getting carried away. LOL I’m glad you enjoyed the post and the art! cheers, Debi

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