The Water Lily

water lily photograph, purple flowers,

The water lily

Just …. Magnificent.


water lily photograph, purple flowers,
Serene Water Lily


Gorgeous Things of the Water

After my short zen stroll yesterday, splashing dancing in the water fountain,  I’ve ended up with quite a few new nature photographs.

I can’t wait to share.


Water lilies are one of my favorite flowers.  I never can resist,  as they’re floating on the water’s surface, dancers of the pond.



lovely lavender water lily, flower photograph,
Lovely in Shades of Lavender, water lily




water lily in purple, flower photography,
Zen Lily



Painting when I’m …NOT


I always look and ask myself,  “How would I mix That Color?”

Its a fun thing  I’ve done for years and it keeps me “painting”  – even when I am not!



How would I create that yellow?  Perhaps a larger ratio of winsor lemon with a dash of permanent rose.  Pretty easy, that one.

How would I create the soft pale delicate lavender?  Cerulean and Cobalt blended, then mixed with a dash of Permanent Rose. I might even consider a whisper of white. Maybe.










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  1. Water Lilies are so gorgeous! Like you, I’m now thinking when I take photos “what colours would I use to paint that or what colours would I mix… ?”. It’s a great exercise and I love your photos… !

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