3 Fast Tips: Watercolor Landscapes

3 Fast Tips: Watercolor Landscapes

Watercolor Landscapes, very quick and simple!

Easy to remember and do, these 3 Super Fast Tips help you get improved depth into your own paintings in no time.


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Fast and Easy, Watercolor Landscape



Watercolor Landscapes

Have a look at my two quick watercolor painting samples.

Both of these watercolor landscapes illustrate elements of the 3 tips for you.

In each,  one feels like walking in, and through the Land.

You’re somehow, being ‘invited in’ to just have a lovely Stroll.




3 Watercolor Tips


#1   Place the Darker Tonal Values in the foreground. The background will have paler tones, the middle ground medium tonal values. All in a smooth and seamless transition.


#2  Place the Warmer Colors in the foreground.  Reds, terracotta, orange, etc.   The background needs to be cool colors:  greys, blues.


#3   Place Crisp, Hard, sharper edges in the foreground. The background edges should be softer, more blurred and out of focus.





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Blue Hills, Watercolor Landscape, debiriley.com





The 3 Watercolor Landscape Tips are pretty simple and pretty easy to remember!

For more Beginners’ Watercolor Basic information have a look at Watercolor Basics.


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If you find yourself halfway through a painting and getting flustered; just look back at this post for these 3 Watercolor Tips.


Or better still,   jot down the 3 Watercolor Landscape Tips on a post it and stick it onto your easel!  That works like a charm.





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