Fun New ways to see things!  Thats the goal this year.

More Creative Options  to shake things up.



Art Presentation

I’ve created the art, now what?!

Should I frame it, matt it, leave it?  What colors of matt? All these questions come into play and can be answered with a little Experimentation.  With the computer.

That way, I haven’t wasted any money buying things I don’t like. I can find out what I like first. Then go buy the frames later.     Or, if you are super handy you can make your own frames and matts.


I chose the fast, simple easy way, Iphoto.  I’m already fairly familiar with it, I just need more practice. Especially the preview function and buttons.

Choosing something that isn’t completely foreign, is a good first step!



The Original monotype artwork below, with only a tiny bit of Iphoto work. (The border shadowed mount and white inset line.)

monochrome monotype, field of flowers, art in black and white,
Monochrome Medley, Field of Flowers,


Option Peach

A soft, gentle peachy pink matt with the shadow border used again.  This color ‘softens’ the starkness of the monochrome black and white.  Gives it a warmer, welcoming feel.


seeing differently, use of color in art frames, field of flowers, art in black and white,
Monochrome Monotype, Peach Pink Matt,



Option Mint

This refreshing mint green surrounds the floral work almost like a spring lawn. And, again the use of the softer color creates a gentler feel. It relieves the black and white stark sharpness.

mint green monotype, field of flowers,
Mint Green, monotype Field of Flowers




Art Presentation Tool

If you sometimes find it challenging to know what the right matt and frames would be for your artwork….  the computer and the photo editing programs can help.



As with all things, it does take time to learn the techniques of the programs.

Just focus on One Button, One Feature at a time.  

Thats what is working best for me. (And, I’ve mentioned before…. computers & technology are not, my strong suit!!)



Generally, when I matt and frame my work I will use a double white matt with a neutral frame. This is what will work for 90% of my artwork, enhancing the good and downplaying the blemishes.

After my experimentations I’ve concluded that my preference for this image, is the white matt and neutral frame.  Though I’m still in the midst of a RED one, so we will see how that goes!