Day 3 of #World Watercolor Month.  Also known as Trial and Error., watercolor landscape, #world watercolor month, watercolors, tree paintings
Tree in The Glade,

Its so,   S. I. M. P. L. E.   I’m told.

Its just,  “Intuitive”…

Please. Just give me my paints, my brush and my papers.



Let The Spectacle Begin

So,   Lets try this again!

I know one thing,  computer skills,  certainly aren’t  my strong points.

Watercolors though, are right up there, on the ‘Yes, I can do!!’ list.

Whatever I did on yesterday’s post….I didn’t do ‘something’ right.


This –  is why I don’t do Twister,  I mean Twitter.

Or Instagram… its more like  ‘For-ever-a-gram’ with yours truly.     I’m all paws, hooves, and thumbs!  Everything goes south in a handbasket!





Its so,   S. I. M. P. L. E.   I’m told.

Its just,  “Intuitive”…


“Just tag the post with hashtags.”

I did. What happened?!  I don’t know!  When it comes to me, buttons, electrical gadgets, computers…. any thing can happen.  Or go amuck.  And does.   Garage doors, hard drives, backups, phones, alarm systems.


That last one.

Is a real hoot.  I bet you CAN  imagine the scenarios with alarms going off suddenly, at work.


I knew I was Alive.




Looking For the Trees


Where is this Spectacle of Trees, you ask?

I’ll get there. Don’t get those knickers in a knot….   I did paint them.

A Forest of Them!  And had great fun doing them too.



Its Not like bumbling around on the computer.   Trying to do #World Watercolor Month posts.

Just wondering,  how many of those,  #WWM  I can squeeze in.  Should I try for 5, 7, 10? Would that increase my chances of success?      Actually,  I think I’m done now,  with the two I see already.

A bit like giving up too soon,  but I’m terming it… “Hoping for the Best.”


Where… are those Trees!!





  • my beautiful watercolor trees
  • some of my own, personal favorites…..
  • peace. zen. serenity.
  • with no fumbling about
  • how lovely


Embankment watercolour techniques landscape prussian blue b27
Tree On Embankment,


zen of colour: forest in cobalt teal blue pg50,
Zen of Color: Forest
Mountain in Blue watercolours
Mountain and Trees, watercolor


Lunar Black, Quincacridone Sienna, Daniel Smith watercolors,
Smoke and Fire,


watercolour landscape painting, hornsby bushland
Hornsby bushland, watercolor
Summer impressionist watercolor landscape painting,
Summer color


watercolor contemporary landscape, cobalt teal blue pg50, abstract watercolor landscape,
Magical Mists watercolor landscape debi riley


watercolour trees painting
Watercolour Trees painting
cobalt teal blue pg50, reflections, landscapes, watercolor tips, beginners guide,
Reflections, detail



I hope you enjoyed your wander through the watercolor Spectacle of Trees.



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