Diablo Lake. Cobalt Teal Blue waters set against a backdrop of high ragged mountains of the North Cascade ranges.

July Day 4 #worldwatercolormonth


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Diablo Lake. Cobalt Teal.  Watercolor/Ink Mountains


After getting ‘all inked up‘ in the forest,  I decided to ink up some mountains  as well.

And,  I can’t quite resist that Beguiling Cobalt Teal.




This,  is  definitely a very different approach for me with these mountains.

I have ‘contained’ them. Constrained them.

Boxed and labelled, defined them nice and tight.


Whereas my regular style of mountains and hills are soft and loose, blurred and more inviting.    Cerulean and Prussian 

Touch The Mountain 




But indeed,  the North Cascades Peaks rising above Diablo Lake are not soft and inviting. They are sharp.

Jagged.  Warning of the dangers of venturing up on their devilish slopes.


Yet,  in an odd way I still find these mountains appealing. Compelling.

The shapes I created with the ink, are so abstract that it loosens  up the design just that tiny bit.

And the addition of the Cobalt Teal Blue…. is just Enough,  that I can enjoy the scenery.