Cadmium Imagination

abstract in cadmium red, prussian blue, #world watercolor month,

It could be scarlet fire. For those who wish it to be engulfing flames. #WorldWatercolorMonth

But really its just me, playing with cadmium red and prussian blue watercolors.

Using my preferred medium……. my  Imagination. 


abstract in cadmium red, prussian blue, #world watercolor month,
Scarlet Afire, Cadmium  Imagination



Cadmium  Imagination,  Watercolor

I like this!

Why?!  I simply like the colors and the pattern, and the design shapes.


Its nothing.

I see nothing.

And,  I thought of nothing in particular.



I just…. ‘dropped the colors in’  and liked what the watercolor did.

We do not always have to play by the rules.  Nor  always have to have a plan, or a design, or a subject in front of us.

Sometimes, its a release to just play.  Then see what glorious designs might emerge.






Yesterday’s Surroundings Influence Today.

Even though, I had no visual reference, nor a subject in mind – I do realise that I’m still being influenced.


  • Perhaps, yesterday’s  post   Her Name was July   with that deep blue and red.
  • Or over at live and learn   red balloons rising from fog shrouded forests.
  • Maybe even the 4th of July that is coming soon.
  • And,  maybe comments of ‘fire’ from my lovely BC friend……



All these things get  added into the pot

and swirled around

without my being aware.



Just ‘living and learning’;

immersing and breathing wonderful things along the way.

Helped to ‘cook up’  this lovely bright abstract painting.






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Cadmium Imagination – Day 2,   July  the  official “#WorldWatercolorMonth”



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24 thoughts on “Cadmium Imagination

  1. Love this and I get to learn something….. what do you do about thick paint that globs and doesn’t “move”? It doesn’t seem very watercolorly to let it sit, what do you think? rules are meant to be broken…..that’s for sure. Love the vibrancy of these colors.

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  2. Those colors go beautifully together; stunning abstract! Did you add any gel, or other, medium to your watercolors? They look thick and textured to me. The effect is awesome!

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      1. Due to your good wishes the weather wasn’t as bad as pronounced but still not really summery. What would I give for a BLUE sky in Greece! Every morning I wake-up in Greece and go outside I’m overwhelmed by this endless blue sky. 🙂

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  3. Where would we be without our imagination? Love the combination and the two colours together with the accompanying text, “living and learning;” perfect. Should be a fun month. Warm wishes 🙂

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