It could be scarlet fire. For those who wish it to be engulfing flames. #WorldWatercolorMonth

But really its just me, playing with cadmium red and prussian blue watercolors.

Using my preferred medium……. my  Imagination. 


abstract in cadmium red, prussian blue, #world watercolor month,
Scarlet Afire, Cadmium  Imagination



Cadmium  Imagination,  Watercolor

I like this!

Why?!  I simply like the colors and the pattern, and the design shapes.


Its nothing.

I see nothing.

And,  I thought of nothing in particular.



I just…. ‘dropped the colors in’  and liked what the watercolor did.

We do not always have to play by the rules.  Nor  always have to have a plan, or a design, or a subject in front of us.

Sometimes, its a release to just play.  Then see what glorious designs might emerge.






Yesterday’s Surroundings Influence Today.

Even though, I had no visual reference, nor a subject in mind – I do realise that I’m still being influenced.


  • Perhaps, yesterday’s  post   Her Name was July   with that deep blue and red.
  • Or over at live and learn   red balloons rising from fog shrouded forests.
  • Maybe even the 4th of July that is coming soon.
  • And,  maybe comments of ‘fire’ from my lovely BC friend……



All these things get  added into the pot

and swirled around

without my being aware.



Just ‘living and learning’;

immersing and breathing wonderful things along the way.

Helped to ‘cook up’  this lovely bright abstract painting.






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