The Wilderness Answers – Watercolor Landscape

contemporary easy watercolor landscape, debi riley watercolor art workshops,

I like to give credit where credit is due. I’m proud of this beginner’s landscape painting. Rich and powerful. Bold!  A Brilliant pop of blue pleases the eye.

And amazingly, she did this on her own, not in class……. I wasn’t there hovering, helping.


contemporary easy watercolor landscape, debi riley watercolor art workshops,
The Wilderness, by Ann


The Wilderness in Watercolor



The painting communicates to each viewer, something new and different.


 A quote by Nancy Newhall seems to be quite fitting.

“The Wilderness

holds answers  to questions

man has not yet learned to ask.”



Beginners’ Watercolor Landscapes

This is not my art work, not my painting.


However, it is like ‘my baby.’


You see, its been created by one of my beginner watercolor students.

Ann  began with me, as a Complete beginner.

Making all the same choices that the typical beginner makes.

(You know which ones I mean!)   Getting the cheap materials, the mud, replication, the tight hard outlines, those tube Greens, …..  all those things we as beginners do.



Wabi Sabi

After months of coaching, she let go.

She let go the tight rigidity of “control.”    Of the need for  Perfection.

The “Its THERE, so I must, paint it, include it.

It must look right.”

Ann embraced wabi sabi even before I started broaching the subject of zen and wabi sabi in my classes.





People Are Uniquely Beautiful

When her creativity and freedom was finally unbound,  thats when my dear friend Ann really let loose. My!


Her paintings and artwork from then on took on a wonderful life. Each work filled with spark and breath and enchantment.


A distinct voice, a look of “Originality”  that only Ann could do.   There was no copying, or duplicating.   She was her own Self.  Beautiful.



People are beautiful.

Their own voices and inflections are lovely.  Unique.

To hear each ‘sing’  …. ok   Paint!   using their own marks, colors, words, lines.


Is always a thing of sheer beauty.



It is this that compels me to teach and share.

To stir and encourage,

To Embolden young artists to use their own Selves to create from.






The Wilderness, watercolor landscape  did answer the question that was asked. And also provokes many more.

Yes,  I’m definitely   very happy and proud of the painting for my friend Ann.







this is a pre scheduled post as I’m still taking a siesta!


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  1. Very lovely! I can see how it would feel like your baby! 🙂 I knew it wasn’t yours right away though. So fun to know that we know different individuals’ paintings right away by their style. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. thanks Jodi! it is fun. I love sharing and giving people credit and some positives about their work. Sometimes, they have no idea their own stuff is really, captivating!

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      1. Life is hard but in silly moments it’s a bit lighter, gosh, wish we could meet and drink a coffee/tea together and have fun. Let’s think about Oman again, lol, even though the sultan got old, too

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      2. we could ‘co-write’ a very, funny short story, about Oman the Sultan in disguise who went to Greece….. now, that, would be Funny!! we’d need another website to do it

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      3. that’s a great idea, hehe, but his name is Quaboos bin Said al Said not Oman. Take a look in google how he’s looking. I think we must write a funny fairytale. 🙂

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      4. actually I have a secondary, wp set up. lol later after work will have to see al Said…. though I might be in for a shock, eh? or a giggle. giggles are Good!!

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  2. A wonderful painting by Ann and a tribute to you as a great and inspiring teacher Debi; congratulations to you both. No wonder you are feeling so proud and fulfilled. There is no greater joy than seeing ones students take wings…well, except of course seeing one’s granddaughter doing just about anything 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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