Filaments of Time and Space – Friday’s Photo

filaments of nature, water photograph,

Time, Space, Nature, Zen. These strands that seemed to create a loosely woven design of lines, were like a waving flag of invitation to me. How could I pass this small micro world by?


filaments of nature, water photograph,
Filaments, Strands of Nature


Filament Lines

There is power, in the Line.

These filament lines, floating on the surface of the pond are like a treasure trove for the imagination.  And a simple,  peaceful contemplation.

Blissfullness,  Just to sit and gaze for a moment.



I love the interwoven lines,  the monochromatic palette, the intensity of dark within the image, speckles like stars,  the overall sense of harmony.



Zen and so Wabi Sabi.


 Wabi  Sabi  –

nothing is perfect,

nothing is finished

and nothing is permanent.




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The act of creation, in any media is a fascinating and magical process. I simply love to create. Expressing in color, line, tone, texture - as if, they were words upon a page. Creating a uniquely me, interpretation. Enjoy More of my "one-of-a-kind" expressive art at and,

33 thoughts on “Filaments of Time and Space – Friday’s Photo

    1. thanks!! old canon eos rebel fstop 8, 1/60 100mm lens; iphoto did tweaking with sharpening, contrast, saturation. thats it. I’m not good at LR or PS programs. the subject was a pond surface with strands of stuff on it that I thought Intriguing. Cheers, Debi


    1. thanks Sharon. This will go in the ‘think about it’ file for a while. I like this one and wonder how I might create a painting from it. Nothing yet…..


  1. This is awesome, an entire Universe is floating in that frame, stars, galaxies, super novas and fill the infinity infinitively! Love it, I love to use this kinda backgrounds too for my illustrations, it takes time till I build up digitally all the layers but it’s a very Zen process which I like! Wonderful image Debi, like that your eyes are always looking and finding special meanings!

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      1. I’ll try to master ‘layers’…

        — you can…you have an iPhone and various image editing software thereon. Do what I do — work on it in one software, save it. Use that saved image in another software, work on it there…and so on…let your imagination fly…soon you’ll see something that ‘works’ for you! Try it, Debi. I certainly have fun doing so! 🙂

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  2. Hi Debi, This is a very impressive image! Its simple natural beauty is calming and soothing! I love the light behind or below it! Cheers, Petra

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    1. thank you Petra! I’m glad you enjoyed this too! It was simply a pond, with white strands/filaments on the surface. It turned out looking like so much more, than a pond though. Thanks again for your lovely comment on the photo! Cheers, Debi

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  3. Boy, love those lines and couldn’t we say the same about ourselves? Love that. And that photo is wonderment. I can totally see this in an abstract piece. It’s amazing, I could stare all day!


  4. Can’t decide what is more beautiful: your Wabi Sabi quote or the photo. They fit perfectly together, they are calming, very Zen. Just wonderful, Debi. Cheers Mitza

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