Time, Space, Nature, Zen. These strands that seemed to create a loosely woven design of lines, were like a waving flag of invitation to me. How could I pass this small micro world by?


filaments of nature, water photograph, debiriley.com
Filaments, Strands of Nature


Filament Lines

There is power, in the Line.

These filament lines, floating on the surface of the pond are like a treasure trove for the imagination.  And a simple,  peaceful contemplation.

Blissfullness,  Just to sit and gaze for a moment.



I love the interwoven lines,  the monochromatic palette, the intensity of dark within the image, speckles like stars,  the overall sense of harmony.



Zen and so Wabi Sabi.


 Wabi  Sabi  –

nothing is perfect,

nothing is finished

and nothing is permanent.