Colors I Love (abstract in oils)

Blue and Orange. Variations of these two colors draw my eyes wherever I look.  I have always loved this duet that sings so gracefully,  in harmony.

Perhaps, its another reason I’ve been so pulled to the land here in Australia. Those colors are present nearly everywhere.

I think, I feel,  they Are …. The Land.  The Spirit of the place.

color conveys mood, cobalt teal blue, oil abstract painting, debi riley art,
Cobalt Teal Oil Abstract, color to convey mood


Colors Are Emotion


Like I said, I have always loved this pairing – blue and orange. Complementary Pair.



I didn’t realise this,  until one day when I was about 8 and we were doing some kitchen remodeling.


My mother brought in dozens of samples for home wallpaper and set them in front of me. She wanted me to choose what I liked best!


Can you imagine…. an 8 year old kid,  being allowed to do that.  I was so pleased my mom valued my opinion as well as wanted to make me happy. This isn’t something I’d want to let my 8 year old have free rein on.


My Mother was either very brave or had a lot of trust in my judgement.


At any rate, it did not take me long at all.

Of course the colors chosen were  cobalt teal blue and a matching paler orange!   With, with some pale buff titanium.




The colors still have that same magnetic pull.


  • relaxing
  • energizing
  • summery
  • warm
  • happy
  • home
  • family
  • joy
  • its a beautiful feeling

This,  is what I’m trying to communicate many times when selecting those colors in combination for a painting.




Stamp of Individuality … a Voice Emerges

I call them ‘my colors’ as everyone in my family had their own special favorite colors.

This was mine.



My father loved rich burgundy red, my sister loved the pale wintery tones of silvery whites, my mother loved the fired up flames of the sky and the midnight blue serving as a backdrop for a shooting star.



I think it is the most wonderful thing….. to be an Individual.

To walk on your own path.

To go your own way and use your own special colors,  words,  clothes,  flowers,  ideas, decor.



We were always encouraged,  to always be individuals.    Unique and original.

Encouraged – To see the flames in the sky, the shooting stars, the iridescent greens in the beating wings of the humming birds.


All these are, indeed,  quite abstract.  When you truly look at them.   Amazing.






This is the first segment of part of a series I’m working on.

Featuring abstracts and oil paintings which I’ll be sharing in the  upcoming week.





  1. Blue and orange have always been my favorite complementary colors. I’ve always been drawn to them. Needless to say, your abstract caught my eye at once. It’s gorgeous. Individuality is important, as you’ve pointed out. Our color choices are part of who we are. I look forward to seeing more in your series.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The orange peeking in from the corner is just enough with the blue, it’s kind of flirting with the blue paint. 😀
    Your mom new then of your Innate artistic talent.
    Looking forward to the surprises next week.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how colours portray emotion ( by the way I am also very much drawn to this colour combo you show above, and it sure does sing out to be Australia) I recently bought a book from Amazon, it is out of print and came all the way to the uk from Australia, although I think its origin is Japan, I love it it selects many colour combinations and organises them into emotions, the book is called tasteful color combinations by Naomi kuno. It was really hard to get my hands on a copy, but I am so pleased I did, it is so useful, especially during those blank creative moments, or when you need a great starting block to get going in a painting. Maybe you have heard of this book? If not I can recommend checking it out. Naomi does others in the series, I also have colorscape.

    Liked by 2 people

    • thank you Jodi! that is probably the first thing students in class say…. you are making us Think!!! but, sometimes they do not say it so cheerfully 🙂
      It is surprising just how much art is thinking. I was shocked.
      I’m glad you liked this article. a few more follow 🙂

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  4. Dear Debi, I was nearly missing your teal-blue posts, hehe. But good to know that we are all individuals and you like these Australian colors. I prefer pastel colors in clothing, painting etc. Hope you have such a good weather as we have here, have a nice Sunday, cheers Mitza

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  5. Beautiful colours – I love them too. I am living in Italy and the coast around Naples is drunk with these colours. I also wish to quote Van Gogh for you ‘There is no blue without yellow and without orange’ . I think he was on to something?

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