Without artifice or pretence.  Uncontrived. A loveliness of the Natural world.  “Shizen”  defines this spontaneous element of Wabi Sabi.  An approach to viewing art and seeing beauty in non traditional ways!

zen beauty of nature, shizen, debiriley.com
Zen Beauty of Nature


7 Days of Zen continues with part IV showcasing Nature at her finest.

The Natural Beauty.


watercolour mountain, 7 days of Zen, shizen, debiriley.com
ShiZen Mountain



The beauty that exists within the things of nature…. rivers, mountains, trees and rocks, desert sands and the white lace of the incoming wave. All the things that nature has created and man has not set up nor contrived.


I fell in love with the idea of absolute authenticity, spontaneous organic creation without pretence that  Shizen represents.


I found myself searching…my library for just the right images.  However, it is easier Said, than done.



Man paints and records most often  the images that depict his dominion over the earth; whereas, shizen is more about the awesome authenticity, beauty and relevance of the natural elements.


Nature – is the dominant focus here, not man and his achievements.

I thought…. I had a greater collection of Shizen type images than I actually do.  This, surprised me.    I do have some to show you though.



zen of colour: forest in cobalt teal blue pg50, debiriley.com
Zen of Colour: Forest




Zen. summer pond reflections photo debiriley.com
7 Days of Zen Summer Pond



Untouched by the hands of man,  solely the creation of  the hand of Nature.  These 4 images illustrate a softness of beauty whilst maintaining  the purity and strength  that Nature endows.


Cattails, forest, mountain and water.  Natural beauty without artifice.