Gardens of Easter

Easter and flowers have always gone together – for me. From the tulips of the Pacific Northwest to the lush and tropical fuschia bougainvillea blossoms of Australia. I can’t imagine Easter without any flowers!

Gardens of Easter, flower photo,
Gardens of Easter 1


Color for me is wonderfully inspiring, especially at Easter. Growing up in North America, it always was my herald of Spring and Summer around the corner.  My Gardens of Easter have always been my Hope.



tulip garden at Easter, photo,
Tulip Garden


I’ve chosen a hot magenta bougainvillea with a complementing soft hazy background as the first image; next is a stunning parti colored tulip with scarlet drips and splashes on its frilled petals,  the next is a watercolor collage image with Lunar Black and Quinacridone Magenta splashed on.


splashed Easter Garden, watercolor painting,
Splashed Easter Gardens













    • thank you Jodi!! that very thing, Expression, is what captivates me when teaching.
      I constantly am enthused – by the class. The individuals’ style, even the newbies, leak out… in Amazing Ways. its very exciting to me.

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    • thanks Mitza… the mix of color was great!
      its too bad it was really far into the neighbor’s garden though to get a ‘crystal clear’ shot lol. thats ok, the last painting’s photo came out pretty clear!!

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  1. MMmm…i had a quiet Easter with family Debi. I am loving ” Splashed Easter Gardens “. I feel it splashing right into my being– the colours Q’magenta, gold fringe amidst MY most favourite LUNAR BLACK ,!!.. This painting is very calming to me… Perfect Moment, to end on!…for a reflection!.,.as Always, JOANNE.

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