Easter and flowers have always gone together – for me. From the tulips of the Pacific Northwest to the lush and tropical fuschia bougainvillea blossoms of Australia. I can’t imagine Easter without any flowers!

Gardens of Easter, flower photo, debiriley.com
Gardens of Easter 1


Color for me is wonderfully inspiring, especially at Easter. Growing up in North America, it always was my herald of Spring and Summer around the corner. ย My Gardens of Easter have always been my Hope.



tulip garden at Easter, photo, debiriley.com
Tulip Garden


I’ve chosen a hot magenta bougainvillea with a complementing soft hazy background as the first image; next is a stunning parti colored tulip with scarlet drips and splashes on its frilled petals, ย the next is a watercolor collage image with Lunar Black and Quinacridone Magenta splashed on.


splashed Easter Garden, watercolor painting, debiriley.com
Splashed Easter Gardens