Watercolor Secret, its in the ‘kiss’

Watercolor Secret….. It is simple and Quick! Just allow your loaded up watercolor brush to lightly ‘kiss’ the paper surface. Think of your paper as if it were a delicate butterfly wing you don’t wish to damage. But to  – merely touch with the gentlest of touches. That is it. Nothing complicated, just simple.  Continue reading “Watercolor Secret, its in the ‘kiss’”

Reflections II

Turning a stroll into art. Thats what I do. I think I turn most things I see, into one form of art or another. By seeing it, Differently. It certainly makes life more enjoyable, even the ……. less beautiful aspects. On this walk I was stopped, by a woman who was venting about how horribleContinue reading “Reflections II”

Ways With Watercolor II Trees

Ways with Watercolor continues with more ideas on altering formats and designs, but this time with previous paintings of trees.   Ways With Watercolor  – Trees This first painting in near monochromatic palette was a long horizontal originally. It did not work that way.  It does better in the square format. Small trees in silhouette,Continue reading “Ways With Watercolor II Trees”

7 Days of Zen IV – Natural Beauty

Without artifice or pretence.  Uncontrived. A loveliness of the Natural world.  “Shizen”  defines this spontaneous element of Wabi Sabi.  An approach to viewing art and seeing beauty in non traditional ways!   7 Days of Zen continues with part IV showcasing Nature at her finest. The Natural Beauty.     Shizen. The beauty that existsContinue reading “7 Days of Zen IV – Natural Beauty”

Winter’s Glow: Watercolor Reflections

Small, delicate. A little miniature watercolor painting created with Amethyst and Sodalite. Just 2 colors. But she hints at mystery and night.     Wabi Sabi  in Winter To hint, to infer and to suggest at the deeper mysteries, at the beauty of nature is very Zen,  very Wabi Sabi. It is probably, I’d say,  one ofContinue reading “Winter’s Glow: Watercolor Reflections”

Forest Lake Reflections -watercolour and inks

Forest Lake Reflections  a semi abstract composition using Cerulean Blue in watercolours and Burnt Sienna in inks.   I’ve allowed the two colours to merge and flow into intriguing patterns making sure there is adequate light tone, mid tone and dark tone through out the entire design.

Capturing Colour and Light in Watercolours

Autumn is here in Perth,  what a splendid relief! Lovely pleasant days of cloudy skies to get outside and enjoy nature. And Paint!    The watercolour painting,  “Colours of Autumn” reflects the gentle beauty of the season we are now in. Step one is of course the inspiration, next is the colour selection and theContinue reading “Capturing Colour and Light in Watercolours”