If Dale Chihuly isn’t on your art radar yet,  you’re in for an explosion of rich, saturated colors from his palette. Chihuly is best known as a world renowned glass blower, having been the recipient of countless awards and 12 honorary doctorates for his achievements in this genre.  His work is sought after and displayed world wide.

explosion of color, Dale chilhuly, debiriley.com
Chihuly in Teal and Scarlet

Explosion of Color on Monday

Monday’s mad extravaganza of pure color invites you to sit back and have a lovely party, with Chihuly’s Colors!

From Cobalt Teal, Scarlet Orange, Indian Yellow, Mauve, Emerald green, Cerulean these are just a few of the delicious colors he’s used in his artworks.


Dale Chihuly, Glass Blower extraordinaire

Dale Chihuly was born in Washington state, in the city of Tacoma – just south of Seattle. He graduated from the University of Washington, went to Rhode Island to further his studies, then travelled to Venice. Since then, he returned to Tacoma, Washington.

Chihuly’s website has pages and pages of knockout images of his glasswork, sculptures, drawings and huge acrylic fantastic paintings. Which he paints with large brooms!


teal bowl Chihuly, explosion of color, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal Bowl, Chihuly


Dale Chihuly’s use of Color

Yes,  even though the artworks are filled with intense extravagant colors – still,  he has planned their use -Judiciously.

I don’t see 9 different colors in one artwork. Many in fact are just one or two colors.  Most are only three colors.  But oh my, how the man has placed them and used them tonally is just magic.


green bowl, Chihuly bowl, color, debiriley.com
Chihuly Bowl in Greens


chihuly bowl, explosion of color, debiriley.com
Chihuly Bowl

Not content with only creating wonderfully imaginative glass bowls and vases,  he has mastered sculptures for indoor/outdoors, chandeliers, drawings, charcoal, acrylic paintings….  I spent way too much time again today, looking at his work.

Exquisite Forms,  lovely lines, with shapes, color and tones that have been inspired by the natural environment.


Chihuly painting, yellow,explosion of color, debiriley.com
Chihuly Indian Yellow Acrylic painting


Chihuly, for me,  is a master of bright explosive color – like fireworks bursting on the Fourth of July.



I love Fred Williams and John Olsen,  I also adore Dale Chihuly for his expressive, imaginative, joyful use of pure color.

Chihuly painting, explosion of color, debiriley.com
Chihuly painting

Ryan’s quail eggs had some of that joyful use of color; and that is what enchanted me with his little rendition of quail eggs in a nest.




I hope I have inspired you to go and have a look at Chihuly’s acrylic paintings (stunning) and,    at his glass bowls and sculptures (totally awesome.)

Google, Pinterest, and of course Dale Chihuly’s website are all perfect places to go have a wander.

If,  you love color,  you can’t help but love Dale Chihuly’s art.

chihuly cobalt teal sculptures, explosion of color, debiriley.com
Cobalt Teal Outdoor Sculptures


chihuly blue green glass
Chihuly Blue Green