From A Child’s Eye 1

a child's eye, quail egg drawing in color,

Quail eggs from the perspective and the eye that only a child can have. Priceless. And something is learned from their unique observations.

a child's eye, quail egg drawing in color,
Quail Eggs by Ryan


How they see and use their art tools in such abandon just fills me with awe. Maybe a little bit of envy.

Freedom, no rules – pure expression.

A lovely thing to have. Difficult to keep.


Gorgeous colors, movement and repetition of linework make this a creative and lovely artwork.


His drawings are based on the real life quail eggs I bought last month, the post Friday Photos, Freckles and Speckles shows the eggs in various ‘poses.’ Β My photographs were banned. Β  Ryan was looking at the eggs sitting amongst leaves and bowls on the table as he drew.




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  1. The colorful imagination of children, how different they see the world, it’s total freedom, no worries just go with the flow no worries about perfection and that is why is perfectly reflecting the state of their mind which is perfectly beautiful! Lovely post and congrats to the youngster! I see a future artist!

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