Waiting On A Friend

green tree grove, Waiting on a Friend debiriley.com

I’m waiting on a friend, standing in her doorway. Eyes peering down the willow grove lane, for that first glance. Breathing in, soaking in, the beauty and space and blissful air.

Waiting on a Friend debiriley.com
Waiting On A Friend

I’m waiting on a friend, Waiting for her smile.

I’m at her door, she’ll be here soon.

Waiting for a friend.

Zen Painting Retreat at a Friend’s

My dearest friend (a watercolour painting buddy of course)  has a lovely estate and gardens in New South Wales.  With her marvellous hospitality and the serene zen like atmosphere, it makes the perfect painting getaway! It was much nicer, when I was just a short couple hours drive away rather than a 6 hour flight.

I loved having a look again at my photos of my friend and her gardens.

Please enjoy the view of her beautiful laneway canopied with a verdant willow grove in viridians and lemon greens.

Painting Watercolours From a Photo

This is one photo that I have considered as a definite candidate to paint from.  In a more representational approach rather than abstracted.  But not photorealist!

And I should clarify to say Impressionist. More like Monet, Manet, Pisarro, Corot.  With a full bodied curvaceous fluidity and hints of gentle, soft edges that ease the eye inwards. Just as the arching canopy does.

Choosing Watercolours

My choice of media would be watercolours.  It is fast, spontaneous, transparent. If done lightly, not overworked,  it will be magically Luminous, just as the subject really was.

When you paint in watercolours…. you are Waiting on a Friend.    She will arrive, but no matter how impatient you may be –  it won’t alter the timing of when she shows.

Think in terms of layers and glazes. Waiting. Patience. Think of the end result you’ll be getting, so you’ll be less impulsive.

The other factor required here would be:  dividing the image into areas of background, middle ground, foreground.  Then starting with the back and work to the front. Any light areas, any pale yellow greens in the foreground or middle ground would need to be left dry until its time… to paint them.

Colours I’d probably have out to use:  winsor lemon py 175,   prussian blue pb27,  cobalt blue b28, permanent rose pv19,  burnt sienna pBr7,  cerulean blue pb36

Before I started, I would take the time to identify and mark, the strong areas of darks, and lights.  This painting succeeds or fails on this fact alone.   Tonal Values. 

With watercolours,  you are waiting on a friend.


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