“Every Day,  I discover more and more beautiful things.”   What a wonderful way to start the work week with this Claude Monet quote.

Monet impressionist landscapes, debirilley.com
Monet Park-Monceau-2

Monet loved his gardens, his flowers, colour and life; infusing his Impressionist paintings with his zest and passion for everyone to share in. A lovely legacy to aspire to!


Monet’s Park Monceau 2 and  The Undergrowth in The Forest, both were chosen to feature today for their continuity, their similar nature to the photograph I’d take “Waiting On A Friend.”


These outdoor themes create a perfect, uplifting feeling in which to start the week off with.  Especially if we’re going to be working inside, in an office, all week long.

Waiting on a Friend debiriley.com
Waiting On A Friend


Monet Impressionist Landcapes

Monet was superbly adept at creating beautiful Impressionist landscapes that conveyed the feeling and mood, the impression of the scene.


The paintings were always filled with stunning colour and light. Not just colours.

His tonal value range was impeccable.  Luminous.   There was clarity of tone in every painting.  Full of rich deep darks, mid tones and those fabulous, critical,  spacious lights.


There is nothing photographic, photorealist, …… “just like the picture” …. about his work!

He made the viewer   feel the spirit of the place…   A wonderful thing for an artist to develop. How to create in the viewers,  that sense and emotion of being there themselves.


Technical skill is one thing.

But one must also relearn –  to paint, from the heart and soul as well.

Monet impressionist landscapes debiriley.com
Monet The Undergrowth in the Forest St. Germain

I will enjoy my Monday with Monet;

and discover something beautiful today.