Stealing Art From Venice!

Murano Venice glass colours in a painting,

Don’t arrest me…. The Murano, Venice glass pendant was purchased on a family trip to Italy. I’m safely, happily using the exquisite colours as a springboard for my latest artworks.

Murano Venice glass colours in a painting,
Murano Glass as a creative tool

The Murano glass pendant has gorgeous textural patterns with the silver and gold filaments cracking and shattering in random areas. The blue colours make it stunning. The lovely cobalt teal blue, cerulean, ultramarine blue, indanthrone blue, indigo create a fabulous blue dominant piece.

Flickers of quinacridone gold and quinacridone sienna complement the blues perfectly.   Throughout the pendant is a wonderful sense of depth, creating by the artisan’s skilled use of light, mid and dark tonal values.  I love this pendant….

So, indeed – its not just about the Colour!  The tonal values play a major role as well.


colours Murano glass,
Creative Colours Murano


The Murano glass origins began in 1291 on the island of Murano, Venice.  The story went that the artists were not allowed to leave lest they face dire consequences!  Death or getting their hands amputated.  Not many decided to leave apparently.

They were trades folk.  Craftsmen. Not of the nobility.  However,  after some time,  eventually their daughters were ‘allowed’  to marry into the nobility.

Wouldn’t  that have been fun! Ahem.


Colours of Italy:  colours – Cobalt Teal Blue, Quinacridone Sienna, Black.   Created in acrylics using a brush and sponge on Masa paper;    reminiscent to me, perhaps of a high alpine peak.

Colours of Italy, Murano glass inspired painting,
Colours of Italy


Inspired:  once again is using acrylics but limited on the colour palette, the darker blue is a lovely Indanthrone blue pb60 and paired with a Cobalt teal blue pg50.  I’d pressed some of my lemongrass leaves and stems into the paper before painting, leaving those areas much lighter.

Murano glass inspired, cobalt teal blue pg50 art,
Inspired cobalt teal blue pg50


This image, Gold Cobalt Teal Blue,  also uses acrylics in cobalt teal blue, quinacridone gold and sienna and gold pigment over the top.  I was aiming for a oceanic theme, hints of the Mediterranean.

Cobalt teal blue pg50 acrylic abstract painting,
Gold Cobalt Teal Blue pg50


I’m enjoying the concept of stealing colour, pattern and textural ideas from my  gorgeous,  Venice purchased, Murano glass pendant  for my artworks.

As you can see though, I haven’t really,  stolen anything!  Merely used an object as an artistic creative springboard to launch from.   And I’m fine with that. I’m still allowing my hidden artist to come out.


I think I have a few things I’d like to continue to do with these.  Next step, will be to try a  cold wax medium on these to enhance the colour, depth and tone.

Experimentations will have to wait for later in the week.  But I want to see, if that technique will further increase the richness and luster to make it more glasslike.  It might ruin them, but I’m willing to take the risk and find out.





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    1. Mitzi you are so right! and I love giving it a right good bash at doing so! Its like a crossword puzzle, to take what we perceive to be imperfect and then, to let its beauty out. Fun Challenge 🙂

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  1. Debi, what a great idea to use the Murano glass as a painting exercise. Your translation with paint is very exciting. Your experimental creativity inspires us all. Have a great weekend ahead.

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    1. Hi Sharon, and thank you for your lovely comments. Its wonderful, to get feedback 🙂 we have a good weekend planned, wishing you a lovely one too! Debi

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