Keep The Light

I love all things inspiring, heartening. Encouraging. And so, when your night falls dark and cold, remember ….   “Deep in their roots, all flowers Keep the Light.”   Theodore Roethke             Inspiration   Artists give gifts. We seek to encourage and¬†inspire.       Roethke’s ¬†beautiful words woke meContinue reading “Keep The Light”

The Fine ART of …Thinking (Rodin)

Rodin what iconic sculptures he created. Sheer Beauty. He thought. He envisioned. He created. I’d like to learn the fine art of thinking, from him!!   I don’t generally, request things from my wonderful readers. But I am requesting, for today’s post The Art of Thinking… please Share it, via FB, IG, or your ownContinue reading “The Fine ART of …Thinking (Rodin)”