Rodin what iconic sculptures he created. Sheer Beauty.

He thought. He envisioned. He created.

I’d like to learn the fine art of thinking, from him!!


The Thinker, Rodin, the fine art of thinking! art and censorship,
the THINKER, Rodin

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LEarning About  Rodin, Dante, About History


My father was a fan of Rodin, of Dante, indeed of books in general. We had a fairly decent little library.

I always had my nose stuck, in a book of some description.

It often was an encyclopedia!!  The dictionary was one of my closest friends, I admit.  I loved learning.

My father encouraged me.


He never, indicated nor said the books I chose were unfitting for an 8 year old…girl.  He smiled instead.


I grew up thinking.

Thinking about life, about … history.  About historical figures and events.

About the world.

What the peoples of times past, went through. And why.

I wanted to know WHY!!!


So I read historical books.  I read voraciously any autobiography I could.

Strange, for a young girl.

I was enchanted! I loved it.



Where there are books, there are bullies! 

I read, I learned. And, I thought. I was a quiet child. But my mind was very busy!

My grandmother smiled as she told me,  “still waters run deep.”  Spot on.


Yes. People  ie  Bullies,  would laugh at my reading choices. It happens.

Yes. Those same blinded bullies would say I was “too serious”  as they pulled my hair, or threw my books.   Bullies… will do that.

Because they do not THINK. They merely react. In fear.



I gathered information from many sources.

(I say this, lest some suggest again, that I only read from 1 side of things.)  Just saying…..


I’m so grateful to my father.  For encouraging me  to think for my self. For having books like Dante and Rodin available for me.


I’m grateful that my Father encouraged me to develop skills in The Fine ART of Thinking.    




The Words of Rodin


Rodin’s  own words below, describe his creation.

Not someone else’s theory of what he might have been feeling or thinking; but completely his.

His words, provide a clarion ring of truth,  that shine.


“Gaunt, ascetic in his straight robe, my Dante, separated from the ensemble, would have no meaning,” he stated.

Accordingly, Le Poète became Le Penseur:

“I conceived of another thinker, a naked man crouched on a rock against which his feet are clenched.

Fist pressed against his teeth, he thinks.

The fertile thought develops slowly in his brain.

He is no longer a dreamer, but a creator.”


How stirring!  Inspires me even now.


Rodin also explains another time,

“What makes my Thinker think is that he thinks not only with his brain, with his knitted brow, his distended nostrils and compressed lips, but with every muscle of his arms, back, and legs, with his clenched fist and gripping toes.”



When I read, the words of Rodin – I find them just as inspiring

as uplifting, as encouraging – as his work of exceeding excellence, The Thinker.








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