Watercolors….Green. Fresh. Lively!   Very easy, very basic –  in a Debi Riley loose impressionist approach to painting.  Sheer Fun!

5 Stems

25 Leaves

Random Splatter…..  and that is it.

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Green Leaves Watercolor


Impressionist Watercolor in Greens


The Watercolor painting, Green Leaves, does have a primary Intent.

Simply, the refreshing colors of green.


In this simple, basic exercise  I planned to convey watercolor’s superior translucency and vibrancy  – within every leaf.



Many Facets of the color green

  • I also wanted to create a rich diversity of green ranges, in all the various leaves.
  • An easy exercise that concentrates on creating a myriad of green versions and shades.
  • I wasn’t going to be happy with mixing up 2-3 greens and calling it good.
  • I needed many greens.  Diverse greens to make them come Alive!



Many Tonal Values within the color green

  • Very critical to success, was a big range of tonal values of the greens
  • I needed light, mids, and darks
  • All together  I can count 7 tonal values,  (9) would be better
  • A big range of tonal nuances to add depth and dimension
  • when objects look flat… its due to insufficient tonal values




Beginners in Watercolor

If you’re struggling a bit,  you might  find   these tips   really Useful.

  • counting your  brushstrokes;
  • limiting the palette;
  • painting on white background;
  • planning ahead;
  • reminding self of Light, Mid, Dark tones








4 Colors  Used


Prussian Blue pb27

Cobalt Teal Blue pg50

Winsor Lemon  py175

Burnt Sienna PBr7




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Green Leaves,  Impressionist Watercolor by Debi Riley(c)2016