Cool Purple Watercolor Textures

cool purple watercolor textures, viridian green, teal,

Lovely cool lavenders merge with turquoise blue on a sculptured,  impasto textured  Hot Press paper.  The whole process, from start to finish was a experimental technique that was super fun!

cool purple watercolor textures,
Cool Purple watercolor


Great for Textures.  Fast, fun and playful watercolor technique. Easy.


Here’s how I did it.


  • I had some small pieces of watercolor Hot Press paper to use up, so I got out my acrylic impasto gel and slathered it on thickly. Then took a qtip and made random designs into it.


  • I could have had a more organized approach and planned something.  I didn’t feel like it. But  you might want to.


  • It had to dry overnight, in order for the watercolor to properly ‘move’ on the surface.


  • I thought I’d try 3 colors I don’t normally use together:  phalo turquoise, indian yellow and cobalt violet.   These combined to create a dominant cool feel to the painting.


  • Once I made certain the surface was Dry, I ‘dripped’ in the 3 colours. Randomly. To see what would happen.


  • Not wanting to go overboard with too much paint destroying my Light tones and Mid tones I stopped on the ‘sooner’ side rather than later.



I like the purple movement over the blue turquoise. And the deeply grooved patterns cut into the surface from the impasto.


This Inspiring  impasto + watercolor technique has lots of potential for larger pieces, as well as for more representational images too.   I’d love to do a profile using this technique!   I can see ‘Matisse influenced’  work using this approach would work quite well.







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26 thoughts on “Cool Purple Watercolor Textures

  1. Hi Debi, I want to touch this artwork. I enjoy working with texture. I like the spontiniety and playful color flow of the paint. I can tell you were having fun. Thanks for sharing the process.

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    1. good morning! Thank you very mush Sharon! wish you were here to touch and feel the sculptural feel and then do some for yourself!! 🙂 it is … probably what I’m really meant to be doing More of I think.

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  2. Like how the color transitions create a circulating composition for the eye to follow: purple to blues to greens, to the yellow in the upper right corner… and by a “commodious vicus of recirculation,” back to Howth’s purple castle!


  3. Gorgeous color combination, I love the go with the flow approach, sometimes produces amazing patterns and this one is no exception, I especially like the over flowing colors part. Very dynamic and beautiful!

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    1. many appreciative thanks Mary! I’m thinking I should be doing more of these types of paintings, than the tighter work for this new year. again, thank you for your thoughtful comments Mary, cheers, Debi

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    1. hi Jill, Good Question!
      yes. and no.
      impasto dries clear. will not impact the paint clarity.
      molding paste often will. both have wonderful uses for textural effects and Can… be used in wc/acrylics/oil/mixed media. but, normally thought of as only an Acrylic medium.

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