Lovely cool lavenders merge with turquoise blue on a sculptured,  impasto textured  Hot Press paper.  The whole process, from start to finish was a experimental technique that was super fun!

cool purple watercolor textures,
Cool Purple watercolor


Great for Textures.  Fast, fun and playful watercolor technique. Easy.


Here’s how I did it.


  • I had some small pieces of watercolor Hot Press paper to use up, so I got out my acrylic impasto gel and slathered it on thickly. Then took a qtip and made random designs into it.


  • I could have had a more organized approach and planned something.  I didn’t feel like it. But  you might want to.


  • It had to dry overnight, in order for the watercolor to properly ‘move’ on the surface.


  • I thought I’d try 3 colors I don’t normally use together:  phalo turquoise, indian yellow and cobalt violet.   These combined to create a dominant cool feel to the painting.


  • Once I made certain the surface was Dry, I ‘dripped’ in the 3 colours. Randomly. To see what would happen.


  • Not wanting to go overboard with too much paint destroying my Light tones and Mid tones I stopped on the ‘sooner’ side rather than later.



I like the purple movement over the blue turquoise. And the deeply grooved patterns cut into the surface from the impasto.


This Inspiring  impasto + watercolor technique has lots of potential for larger pieces, as well as for more representational images too.   I’d love to do a profile using this technique!   I can see ‘Matisse influenced’  work using this approach would work quite well.