Blue Ice: painting in prussian blue

Blue Ice caught in between the shadows, cracks and crevices are the ultra rich tones of Prussian blue. A thousand hues of blue, pool against the shores. Captivating. Engaging. Making us pay attention for a moment,  to become immersed in the swirls of color. Those gorgeous textures that ask to be touched; to be looked atContinue reading “Blue Ice: painting in prussian blue”

Tantalising Tree Bark

Fun, Quirky and Addictive!  Yes, Tree Bark. Don’t you think that the Simple things in life should be enjoyed more?! The bark textures have a rough allure that pulls the eye and makes the hands itch to touch these living sculptures.     The Ancient.   The lovely red tingle tree has magnificent textured barkContinue reading “Tantalising Tree Bark”

Cool Purple Watercolor Textures

Lovely cool lavenders merge with turquoise blue on a sculptured,  impasto textured  Hot Press paper.  The whole process, from start to finish was a experimental technique that was super fun!   Great for Textures.  Fast, fun and playful watercolor technique. Easy.   Here’s how I did it.   I had some small pieces of watercolorContinue reading “Cool Purple Watercolor Textures”