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Blue Ice: painting in prussian blue

Blue Ice: painting in prussian blue

Blue Ice caught in between the shadows, cracks and crevices are the ultra rich tones of Prussian blue.

A thousand hues of blue, pool against the shores.

Captivating. Engaging.

Making us pay attention for a moment,  to become immersed in the swirls of color.

Those gorgeous textures that ask to be touched;

to be looked at just a little longer,  to be seen in their depths.



blue ice watercolor abstract, prussian blue pb27 watercolor, abstract watercolour in blue textures, debi riley art teacher, debiriley.com
Blue Ice, watercolor abstract


Blue Ice –  textures in watercolor


So we look.

Down the sides and slip into the shallows first.



Sinking into the reaches of the frigid waters,


flowing soft and deep

dark and rich and oh so cold.


Blue Ice.




Creating in “Prussian Blue”


“Blue Ice”  is part of a continuation of  Color Textures Lesson #6

as well as  Creativity Pass It Along  

Both posts lay the foundation for this creation.



Texture was integral in the piece, with the molding paste applied onto the surface in random patterns.



My Creative imagination helped me to form and define the intangibles into something, from out of the chaos, slowly.

It, evolved.

I did go back in later, to darken a few areas.

This emphasised the places where it was needed and anchored those shapes more successfully.



The other player was Power of the  Blue.

Once again, I have chosen to use only blue for my painting.  Leaving the paste and gel mediums and the support surface to be my lights.

I used Prussian Blue pb27  watercolor.

The support is a canvas pad paper, you can see its woven texture quite well throughout the piece.


I enjoy the freedom and the creativity that painting in monochromatic palettes allow.   It seems like I might be restricted, constrained by only permitting myself the one color to use.  But I find it is utterly freeing.

Blue Ice would never have emerged, had I not set myself a monochromatic theme.  And I am very pleased with how the painting, Blue Ice finished up.


Tantalising Tree Bark

Tantalising Tree Bark

Fun, Quirky and Addictive!  Yes, Tree Bark. Don’t you think that the Simple things in life should be enjoyed more?!

tree bark textures photos, debiriley.com
Tree Bark 1

The bark textures have a rough allure that pulls the eye and makes the hands itch to touch these living sculptures.


textures of paperbark, photo, debiriley.com
Page of a Paperbark


The Ancient.   The lovely red tingle tree has magnificent textured bark and a sculptural form that was utterly enchanting.

Ancient Tree, textures, photo, debiriley.com Perth, Western Australia
The Ancient


Gorgeous Red Tingle bark close up, with reds and siennas and a ……. hint of charcoal Lunar Black Maybe?!

tree bark texture, debiriley.com
Red and Lunar Black Bark


These trees, their shapes, their ‘skin’  the bark protective coverings  delight, fascinate and tantalize even the nonchalant.




Cool Purple Watercolor Textures

Cool Purple Watercolor Textures

Lovely cool lavenders merge with turquoise blue on a sculptured,  impasto textured  Hot Press paper.  The whole process, from start to finish was a experimental technique that was super fun!

cool purple watercolor textures, debiriley.com
Cool Purple watercolor


Great for Textures.  Fast, fun and playful watercolor technique. Easy.


Here’s how I did it.


  • I had some small pieces of watercolor Hot Press paper to use up, so I got out my acrylic impasto gel and slathered it on thickly. Then took a qtip and made random designs into it.


  • I could have had a more organized approach and planned something.  I didn’t feel like it. But  you might want to.


  • It had to dry overnight, in order for the watercolor to properly ‘move’ on the surface.


  • I thought I’d try 3 colors I don’t normally use together:  phalo turquoise, indian yellow and cobalt violet.   These combined to create a dominant cool feel to the painting.


  • Once I made certain the surface was Dry, I ‘dripped’ in the 3 colours. Randomly. To see what would happen.


  • Not wanting to go overboard with too much paint destroying my Light tones and Mid tones I stopped on the ‘sooner’ side rather than later.



I like the purple movement over the blue turquoise. And the deeply grooved patterns cut into the surface from the impasto.


This Inspiring  impasto + watercolor technique has lots of potential for larger pieces, as well as for more representational images too.   I’d love to do a profile using this technique!   I can see ‘Matisse influenced’  work using this approach would work quite well.