For Amy – Merlin

Maine coon cat cross, photo,

Merlin came to us a bedraggled rescue kitten, whose woeful cries, as I’d began to walk away from his cage…stopped us. Right there.   Yes, The Magician had begun working his magic already.

Maine coon cat cross, photo,
Merlin Maine Coon cross cat

The sound in his cries,  was haunting and I still remember.

A very clear, “Please, Please, do Not Leave Me Here!”   It was more than enough to override my long list of what I was going home with.   I’d gone to collect a red gold tabby.  One shorthair female.  No males! No long hairs! Not 2!

The little guy was said to be of age, but I rather doubt he was more than about 5 weeks old, 6 at the tops. Thin and quite fragile, Merlin fit in my small hand.

Merlin had touch and go moments, but he kept pulling through and getting stronger. Being orphaned at an early age has left him in search of mother – lucky me,  fit the bill.

He is still a little mama’s boy, he thinks he ‘misses’ me.  Loves to be carried like a baby over on his back. And he is 6 years old.  I think he would have made a Fabulous Celeb pet… stick him in a handbag and go!

Merlin, is on my lap, now, while I type this up.  Normally,  thats a no go.  He’s too squirmy. But not today, so he can stay. Merlin is still a very slight built cat, looking more like a 9 month old not an adult.

The trouble he gets up to.  I’ve had to teach him some hand signals to “Stop” as well as, “go over there,”  plus a  verbal “no.” I haven’t yet taught him fetch, but he does goes out on the leash. So that’s a positive for him.

He has a very good understanding of the rules. But tends to be just a bit sly. If I walk too loud, he gets down from the restricted zone, looking at me with a “What’s Your problem?”  look.   Words spoken softly and gently,  get ignored.

He smiles, and does it anyway.

Merlin loves water!  Splashing is his favourite game.  Early on,  he thought it looked like exciting times and great fun to jump into the tub. Filled with water.  Filled with a person…..hmmph. No more kitties running loose in the bedroom.


This post is for an artist friend, who fell in love with my Maine Coon crossbred and I thought I’d share his story where she could read more about him.  Thinking perhaps,  one or two of you may also like Merlin and his antics.





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21 thoughts on “For Amy – Merlin

  1. what a wonderful story. Do you know how much I love cats? I’m mad about cats and yours is so cute. I wish I had one right now but it’s not possible. But how much we miss our last cat “moutsee”! We always talk about her. She was a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat with long black hair (sigh – I have light carpets!) and yellow eyes and so, so clever. Give a little kiss to him from me, today is Purrsday, kind regards Mitza

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      1. same to you. Here you can see a photo from our beloved moutsee


    1. I was, Still am more of a ‘dog’ oriented person! So… I can and do, train the cats nearly the same Obedience skills I used with my dog. Takes more work on my part though. LOL Thank you very much for taking the time to read the post and to comment.Most ‘dog’ people would not! I appreciate it. 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  2. Oh, Lucky you, Deb! Perhaps he sat still on your lap because he KNEW you were writing about him?! I’ll bet that is true. They just know things. He is a stunner. Enjoy your angel on this earth, while you still have him! I still find Blue hair in things. I have a thousand and one photos of Hobbes teaching art class & for that, i am so grateful. Thank you for letting me know you wrote more about Merlin! ~amy

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    1. so sorry about Hobbes…. I keep hoping, he will show up for you. All your photos of Hobbes are gorgeous and tell a story about his character. hugs. Debi


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