Resolve, Renew, Reinvent Your Paintings

Resolving and fixing your paintings,

Resolve. Renew. Reinvent!  Don’t panic too soon. Don’t throw your paintings away! They  can be resolved 99.99% of the time, one way or another.  Often, we just don’t know  The Way or “How To” … Yet!

Resolving and fixing your paintings,
Cobalt Teal Blue resolutions


Paintings To Resolve, Renew or Reinvent

Sit down, list the correction options you do know about and see if any are likely candidates to help resolve your painting.  If you come up blank. Thats ok.  Stash the painting for Later. Six months on, you will probably know a lot more options and the resolution method now seems Easy.

In the meantime,  here is what I’ve done with my painting that needed some alterations.


All of the 3 art images shown, are from one painting;  just different design views of it. My favourite format is Reinvent….What is yours?!


Art Supplies Materials Used

The original painting began as a loose abstract watercolour on hot press paper with a palette knife. Palette knife, #Pk1008 is a brilliant tool I use quite frequently with watercolours too. Wonderful Watercolours The Detours gives some examples of the knife and watercolours.


My original piece evolved into mixed media with acrylic paints and acrylic inks.

The dominant colours I’ve used:  Cobalt Teal Blue pg50;   Quinacridone Sienna;  Black; Gold; Titanium Buff;  Quinacridone Gold.

When I shifted into acrylics, I keep the same colour theme going.

Recent material added: Cold Wax Medium



The Problems  with the Original Painting

The original art image was dull. I disliked the design.   But,  I loved the colours!

A snippet of this original can be seen in Stealing Art From Venice.


2 Ways I’ve made Corrections

Making resolutions and corrections, once the problem and solutions have been identified – is not the same as Fiddling.  Have a look at Fiddling With Watercolours for some great ideas on how to prevent yourself from ‘fiddling.’

Cropping the image into various design formats has given me the chance to view and assess the designs that are more appealing to me.  Fabulous for easy resolutions.  Cold Wax Medium,  a bit of an ‘experiment’ but you know how I like those!


Cropping – Reinvents the painting

I enjoy the multiple looks as the image is reinvented through cropping in oval, circle, square, thin panoramic formats.   I’ve selected the 3 cropped versions that I prefer.


reinvent, resolve paintings,
Cold Wax Medium – Seals with a Buffable Lustre

Granted my original art was mixed media, but I’ve now used Cold Wax Medium on straight watercolours with success too.

Cold Wax Medium is actually geared for oils… but, it does a great job over acrylics, mixed media and watercolours when called for.  If you use it with oils – do not Heat it up! Use Encaustics for that process, it is safer.

CWM over watercolours:  painting must be finished and dry first.   apply a thin smear of CWM with a cotton rag, over the painting.

Think in terms of the ‘glazing’ technique  vs slathering on peanut butter!

If done thinly… it should be touch dry in 30-60 minutes.   Get your polishing cotton rag out and start Buffing.  When its buffed, you’ll see a lovely lustre that isn’t a glossy shine but nice and soft sheen.


The Dorlands Cold Wax Medium acted as   a sealant.  It gave a gorgeous soft sheen, a lustre that you can buff to give it more sheen.   It will protect large watercolours, enabling the artist to forego the expense of framing under glass.


renew, restore paintings with cold wax,
Renew with Cold Wax Medium


Paintings – Renewed, Resolved, Reinvented.  

I love art!

Where else can I have so much easy, simple fun changing up the appearance  and appeal of things?  All with a couple simple choices…..

Have fun!




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  1. “Where else can I have so much easy, simple fun changing up the appearance and appeal of things? All with a couple simple choices…. ” BRAVO!!!!

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  2. Fascinating Debi, I will look for the cold wax medium at my art store. You offer so many interesting challenges to explore. I love your painting samples.


    1. Thank you! cold wax medium comes in a couple brands, they’re all fine and useful OVER w/c, acrylics. and can be mixed WITH oil paints. but not heated. I’m paranoid about safety. lol. Thank you so much Sharon for responding all the time to my posts!! I always like to know, one way or the other, how it has gone over 🙂


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