Light and Shade: Friday 13th

Shadows and light, friday 13th,

If not for the shadows… the Lights would not seem to gleam so brightly!


Shadows and light, friday 13th,
13 Friday Shadows


Light and Shade

Early this Friday the 13th morning, I had a bit of a play with light and shade using some borrowed props.

Just…to be silly, just for fun.  Once in a while, a wee bit of silliness playing with art is a good thing to stir my imagination up out of my box!



friday 13th light and shadows,
Shadow Spells



light and shadows,
Balance Restored


I borrowed these props from the children.

So I must give them a thanks for giving me the idea for this amusing,  lighthearted post with no lists of  “To Do’s” !!




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  1. There is a famous quote I like that says; “Take time everyday to do something silly.” I can’t remember who said it but I believe silliness is good fun! 🙂

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