Drawing on your imagination initially may present some challenges, but with practice it becomes second nature. i.e.  you learn as you go!   From this first image of the banksia,   I developed the concept of a circular form; deciding to pair up the golden amber with soft mossy greens.

macro banksi
Macro Bansia pods opening wide debiriley.com

The next “springboard”  for my imagination was the photo of  a lovely shadow drawing upon the wall.  Beautiful circular forms with linear divisions going in the 3 directionals:  horizontal, vertical, diagonal.   Again,  the golden glow appealed.

Shadow drawings debiriley.com
Shadow drawings debiriley.com

The final piece came together as a gouache drawing on Twinrocker Feather Deckle paper. Aiming for a Limited palette of prussian blue, green, golden yellow in order to lessen the chaotic feel and busyness of the drawing itself.   I included a variation of  circular form sizes and some geometric aspects  into the mix, as part of  integrating my two reference springboard sources.

Also,  I extended  tendrils going outside the image to further enhance both a sense of depth and the sense of organic flow to an otherwise very geometric piece.     I placed the image onto a dark burgundy background, but may change that to a moss green for more of a natural feel.

Drawing in Gouache debiriley.com
Drawing in Goauche debiriley.com