Loose and free, bold powerful and evocative art images are my main objective and my Favorites…. tend to reflect this as well.





I find beauty in many places and things………..


Bones of Time, zen, wabi sabi, debiriley.com
Bones of Time

Bones of Time,  photo from the post  Bones of Time Zen  



These are some of my personal favourite posts over the past year:







I selected those posts as favourites for a few reasons.

I have a passion for the   Process  of  Painting,  rather than solely on the product.

And this,      is a major driving force in my art.



I love to experiment, to use, harness, channel my paints and tools as my avenue of creative and imaginative self expression.


simply watercolors, Autumn leaf, debiriley.com
Simply Watercolors

Simply,  Watercolors       a very relaxed approach to letting the brush do the work for you.




I present creative, imaginative, art courses in Perth at the UWA  University of Western Australia  Extension and the Atwell Gallery  –  Zen of Drawing, Funky Flowers,  The Excitement of Art and Watercolors with a Twist.

watercolor painting, UWA extension, Bird of paradise, debiriley.com
UWA workshop student’s painting

My primary goals  in teaching:   to impart the  Basics –   while  inspiring the individual’s imagination, self expression and their inner creativity.



Many of my website posts and articles are very strongly influenced by the fact I am a teacher. Its just what I do!



8 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. I bought a watercolour several years ago from a colleague and am wondering if you are that same artist. Can I post a photo of the work to confirm?


    1. Richard, If you’d like please email me at rileydj@hotmail.com with the image. I’ll have a look to see whether its actually mine. Do you mind letting me know where/whom you purchased this from? As I’ve had several relocations it would assist me. Thanks, Debi Riley.


  2. Dear Debi, I’m psyched to have discovered you~ your self description and why/how you paint are fabulously inspiring!🌿
    Is Seattle in your future? I live an hour North and would attend your workshops with glee. Thank you 🌻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you kindly Laurel, and right back at you!! love your site 🙂 I may be visiting my sister in Seattle next summer, but didn’t have any workshops scheduled. I wouldn’t rule it out though 🙂 Fantastic that you found my website all the way across the globe! cheers, Debi

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It can be fairly simple, I think, if you limit your palette and have just the core basics to start. then progress. Plus, good quality paints…. I can never fail to mention that one!! lol sometimes I have the very beginners start, with 1 color to do monochromes for a lesson. then 2 paints the next session. Anyway, Maria, enjoy and have Fun!! cheers, Debi

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