UWA art

Zen of Drawing

at   UWA Extension     Perth, W.A.


Zen  its a feeling
Zen its a feeling




Zen….. ‘drawing with a chinese brush’


watercolor fern foliage greens, meaning of Green, debiriley.com
Song of Green, watercolors debiriley.com



simply watercolors, Autumn leaf, debiriley.com
Simply Fallen


A relaxing,  “Zen” approach  to drawing.


Key focus is on the methods of   Relaxing  through the media of drawing.


inspiration of the art in nature, tree photo, debiriley.com
Inspiration of Nature


All the art supplies for the workshop course are being provided.

Professional artist quality materials are chosen  rather than student grade.

Soft pastels, pen and ink, different pencils, inktense media  and others  will be available to work with.



The papers also will include Arches 100% cotton as well as some unique Japanese papers and specialty papers.





These   photo images  are just Samples,  of the types and the styles of approaches we will be considering and exploring in the course.

These approaches are geared for simplicity.  Ease.


Geared for …. the art of  allusion, to evoke and to suggest.

This is  the principle of wabi sabi   called  YUGEN.

The art of ‘suggesting’ a deeper beauty  rather than stating it directly,  underlies much of the course approach and techniques.


The Hills at Dawn debiriley.com
draw with a skewer


zen of colour: forest in cobalt teal blue pg50, debiriley.com
Zen of Colour: Forest






13 thoughts on “UWA art

  1. Thanks for looking around my pages..thought I would return the compliment and so glad I did. I love your watercolours- I felt very inspired and learnt loads just by scrolling through – fresh colours lines and shapes- very inspiring for glass work- I may just root out my paints. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. none that are online; but I can really recommend Tony Smibert’s book Landscapes from your Imagination. other than that, you could have a look at John Lovett’s wc videos. we’re all different, I’m just abit selective. 🙂

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    1. HI Jay, thank you so much for your interest in the creative art courses I present. Currently, UWA ext….. advising me we don’t have access to the previous Art Rooms where I had been presenting these courses since 2009. While I hope things will soon revert & art rooms once again are available, unfortunately, I have no direct say in it!
      But, What I can suggest for you, if you’d really, like to enroll in one of my classes, is to go online and review Atwell Gallery where I also teach. Ring them at 9330 2800 to speak to them about all the different course options they offer! Cheers, Debi


  2. Thank you. Is there room in your class at atwell, if yes, please add my name. I will ring them this week to enroll in your class.
    Can you please add my name for a waiting list to do this zen based watercolour course, I REALLY want to do it. Hopefully you may be able to offer it also at atwell or another venue in Perth.

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    1. I’m organizing a bit of zen twist, into my Term 4 on Tuesdays Master Color at Atwell. I think, this could suit? Term 3 theme is mastering the Daniel Smith range of watercolors, there are about 12 that we’ve been using… and will be adding a few more. …. not sure if this is your cup of tea!


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