Play With Colours – You Want To Do It!

Play. What a lovely word. Getting  my paints out and enjoying the day, just me and my Colours!  Cerulean, Indigo, Scarlet, shimmering Gold, Naples Yellow,  Indanthrone, Ultramarine Blue.It sounded like Fun to me. Plus, it sure beat mopping the floors. No plot, no plan, no deadline, no rules. No ‘must get this done’  or IContinue reading “Play With Colours – You Want To Do It!”

Beauty of Dusk

My favorite time of the day out on the water and one of my most cherished memories.   Summer in the Puget Sound, overlooking the Olympic Mountains with a warm wind on my face and a cheerful captain navigating!   A delicious catch of day included fresh dungeness crab and gorgeous king salmon in theContinue reading “Beauty of Dusk”

The Soul of The Artist – In Harmony

I  quite like this image,   it really sings for me and  connects to my soul.   It felt Zen, calm and meditative.  I felt that all elements fit together in harmony.  Unified and Balanced. Harmony in Design Each of the flowers play a role in the whole design, none take over and hog the limelight completely.Continue reading “The Soul of The Artist – In Harmony”

The Soul of The Artist

A Simple Post:   with an invitation! With no long discourse or Art Basic tips on tone, edges, depth, colour, design, etc.  I’m inviting you to post in comments on your reactions to this photographic image. Is it too centered for you? Adequate depth? Some may dislike the location of the green signature, and wonderContinue reading “The Soul of The Artist”

The Nature of Art – Around the Edges

What type are you – soft edged or hard edged?  I love art images and paintings with soft blurred edges …..  I wondered why.  What type are you most drawn to? Wandering through the galleries I instinctively am drawn into some artworks, but seem  blocked from others. I  wondered why.  For a while I wasContinue reading “The Nature of Art – Around the Edges”

Green Earth, Prussian Blue and Burnt Umber: Making your own paints

Creating your own unique recipes for color mixes… using your imagination as you blend new tones and shades together. It is so fun. And its not difficult. You don’t have to be a ‘paint manufacturer’ to do it either. You just need a few ingredients and of course the appropriate dust mask. Its a wonderfullyContinue reading “Green Earth, Prussian Blue and Burnt Umber: Making your own paints”