Capturing Colour and Light in Watercolours

Autumn is here in Perth,  what a splendid relief! Lovely pleasant days of cloudy skies to get outside and enjoy nature. And Paint!    The watercolour painting,  “Colours of Autumn” reflects the gentle beauty of the season we are now in. Step one is of course the inspiration, next is the colour selection and theContinue reading “Capturing Colour and Light in Watercolours”

Paintings of Forests

Watercolour, oils, encaustics and mixed media were used for the four paintings featuring types of forests from around the world.  The watercolour painting was a small miniature only 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches and the location was the Pacific Northwest near Bainbridge Island, Washington.   The next forest painting  A Golden Grove had a watercolourContinue reading “Paintings of Forests”