5 Tips for Mixing Watercolour Browns

Browns and greens are watercolour beginners two main challenges. But with these 5 tips you can master mixing browns!   5  Problem solving tips for browns that have somehow gone awry:   1. If  Brown has gone too muddy, dense and thick,  wipe  half the mix away then add water to it and test onContinue reading “5 Tips for Mixing Watercolour Browns”

Impressionistic Watercolour Landscapes: Creative Line Use

Creative, imaginative and different.  Unexpected!   I like to see some surprises in my watercolour landscapes. Both landscapes I’ve shown, have illustrated a creative use of Line.  Not Line use in the traditional, regular sense of Line work, but in imaginative ways that make the paintings resonate within.   Watercolours Blurred Lines Landscapes fulfils forContinue reading “Impressionistic Watercolour Landscapes: Creative Line Use”

Watercolour Landscape: Cerulean and Indigo

Limiting my watercolour palette to cerulean, indigo and a hint of cobalt violet helps to keep the colours clean. The watercolour landscape with trees and foliage reflecting into the water combined with the cool colours creates serenity and calm. I wanted to maintain a good balanced ratio of light tone, mid tone, dark tone throughoutContinue reading “Watercolour Landscape: Cerulean and Indigo”