Forest Morning Haze, watercolor

Impressionist, with nearly all soft and loose edges…. just like the morning haze. So long ago.     Forest Morning Haze This quick, loose watercolor study was painted from sheer memory. Done in under 10 minutes, there was no laboring or fussing about. Just expressing that time –  keeping it simple.   I no longerContinue reading “Forest Morning Haze, watercolor”

Lakes, Rivers, Oceans

Water cool and inviting.  Tantalising. Tumbling rapids,  still waters, wild seas frothing, tropical waters of paradise, meandering rivers and lovely lakes in reflection. These beautiful blues and greens, and colors in between delight the eye and refresh the soul. This week’s topic for  our class is “all things of water.”  We are working with theContinue reading “Lakes, Rivers, Oceans”

3 Fast Tips: Watercolor Landscapes

Watercolor Landscapes, very quick and simple! Easy to remember and do, these 3 Super Fast Tips help you get improved depth into your own paintings in no time.       Watercolor Landscapes Have a look at my two quick watercolor painting samples. Both of these watercolor landscapes illustrate elements of the 3 tips forContinue reading “3 Fast Tips: Watercolor Landscapes”

New Watercolor Brush

I made a purchase I thought I’d most likely regret. But for $12.99 I was willing to take the risk!       Watercolor Brushes I’ve been using and recommending the Rekab 320s #2 squirrel watercolor brush for 20+ years. Many of my Art Basics,  watercolor posts have the brush mentioned, frequently.     NewContinue reading “New Watercolor Brush”

The Glow: Evening’s Golden Lights

Watercolor, versatile and forgiving. Watercolor,  the easiest of the media to make corrections! One year later, I returned to the painting.  Washed some areas off, softened off some bits and added a few hints of pastels here and there.   Done!     That is one of the major attributes I like most about watercolor. HowContinue reading “The Glow: Evening’s Golden Lights”

Blue Monday

Blue watercolor mountain. But no Mt. Everest! Gorgeous Blue paints – Cobalt teal blue, Cerulean, Prussian blue. Trifecta. Perfect for blue Monday. I’m not feeling down, but am feeling like ‘blue’ today.     Semi Abstract in Blue This contemporary style, large full sheet watercolor is what I’d label “semi abstract landscape.”   Its notContinue reading “Blue Monday”