Of All Places….

The Zoo.  A place to go for “lions, tigers and bears.” Ok, snakes, zebras, penguins and kangaroos, too.     Busy Perth Zoo The crowds are large. Jostling. Pushing. Tapping.     Tailgaters every where. Its not just the roads they’re on anymore. I wonder,  at their big rush… at the zoo. Of all places.Continue reading “Of All Places….”

7 Fresh Faces (yellow flowers)

You know, at first glance,  I just might think …. “oh, …. more yellow flowers.” Well perhaps,  you do too!   But what IF, the Faces were something beyond the ordinary? Beyond the standard, the traditional and the conventional shots?  Would that pique my interest? Most definitely. I’m in! 7 Flower Faces I received a gorgeousContinue reading “7 Fresh Faces (yellow flowers)”

Prussian Blue, Lunar Black and Goethe

When I paint, most of the enjoyment comes from creating new color blends. Its really not painting a scene, that most likely, a million others have done before. No.  Its the thrill of creating, by chance, inventing a blend that is Unique. That…. remains the most amazing thing for me.       Color –Continue reading “Prussian Blue, Lunar Black and Goethe”

Zen Leaves and Shadows

I took a Zen Stroll in the early morning air. My  first in several long weeks, it was wonderful. The morning air was pleasant. Relaxing. Summer is ending in Perth at last…. and I’m anticipating the glorious delights of getting to go outdoors for my Zen Strolls.   I wonder,  what awaits…..   I can’t beContinue reading “Zen Leaves and Shadows”

Fluted Blue Vase – watercolors

Just a simple play in watercolors.  Experimenting. Testing how the lovely blues mix and merge together. An ‘easy’ day. A fun day.  A Sunday.     Watercolor Vase in  Blues Nothing fancy, but a form clothed in blue.       Art Materials Used: Paper – Fabriano 100% cotton, Cold Press   Watercolors – PrussianContinue reading “Fluted Blue Vase – watercolors”

Love Leaves a Legacy

Once again, Love leads the way in a week long flurry of ‘Love themed’ posts. Love leaves a legacy and love leads by example. How so?     Love So, how… does an old battered book leave a legacy? How does it lead?  How is this, Love?   It begins perhaps with where the bookContinue reading “Love Leaves a Legacy”

Impressionist Watercolors

Light. Soft. Delicate. So very “watercolor-like.” Watercolor Florals The approach is really just a bit ‘softer’ than my typical style; verging on the Too Pretty side actually. But. I had a bee in my bonnet. And I have a thing for pink lately, strangely enough. Its never been a color I’ve been overly fond ofContinue reading “Impressionist Watercolors”

Its Warm, Its Yellow, Its Chirpy

I can feel it begin to creep in. The edge of unharnessed energy. Tucked away, with no outlet at the present moment. This is a great sign! Its telling me, all those yellow flowers decorating the house…..have done their part in helping me recover. And lets not forget my wonderful family and friends who’ve jumpedContinue reading “Its Warm, Its Yellow, Its Chirpy”